Use the Files Restore function within OneDrive to recover deleted or compromised files

While the adoption of cloud storage has grown significantly over the past several years, there’s quite a variance when it comes to data retention policies based on the cloud storage vendor that you’re using.

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Thankfully, with Office 365 you have access to a feature called Files Restore that’s built into OneDrive for Business. This feature should be welcome news for Office 365 users who not only want to be able to have access to their data from any device at any time but also for those unique situations where a user may need to restore a previous version of a file for a wide array of different reasons.

What are the Files Restore option for OneDrive for Business?

The Files Restore option is a feature within OneDrive for Business, which allows users to restore files from as far back as 30 days. If a user determines their files have been either compromised or accidentally deleted, they can easily go back in time to any moment within the last 30 days.

Being able to rewind a file back to any point in time is incredibly beneficial, not just for files that are lost, but also for files that are compromised, corrupted, or just scenarios where you’d like to restore a file to a previous version that may have been overwritten for any number of reasons.

How to use the Files Restore feature

Below are instructions on how to use the new Files Restore function within OneDrive for Business.

  1. Navigate to Settings within OneDrive for Business.
  2. Click on Restore OneDrive.
  3. You’ll now see a histogram showing file activity from the past 30 days. Easily move the slider to any point within the past 30 days to revert file changes.
  4. Easily select a file or files that you’d like to restore from a certain point in time.
  5. Once the necessary files have been selected, simply click Restore and all of the files will be restored to your OneDrive account.

Protect your data from malware with Files Restore

The threat of malware is nearly constant, which makes it incredibly important to keep a backup of any important files or data that you use regularly. Because of the way that most cloud storage options work in that they sync file changes between devices, a malware infection can quickly infiltrate multiple devices, leaving you in a world of trouble.

Thanks to the Files Restore function, users can quickly and easily restore a file or set of files to a version before the infection occurred. This way you and your team can quickly recover from a malware attack that’s meant to leave you helpless.

Ready to learn more about the flexibility of OneDrive for Business and Office 365

Microsoft is constantly releasing new features like Files Restore that bring additional functionality to Office 365. If you’d like to learn more about these features, be sure to follow our company blog, or reach out to one of our Office 365 migration experts to learn just how beneficial moving to the cloud could be for you and your company.

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