Learn about Microsoft’s new graphical security tool – Office 365 Secure Score

It’s difficult to follow the latest business news without hearing about some sort of cyberattack where a company and its critical customer data were the target of hackers. As companies look for ways to protect their data, many are looking at cloud providers like Microsoft who offer a robust infrastructure coupled with a wide array of security tools built into Office 365 that can find and mitigate risk within an organization.

office 365 secure score

One such tool that Microsoft has recently unveiled is the Office 365 Secure Score, which helps organizations identify and resolve security issues. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the Office 365 Secure Score and show you how it can protect both your company and customer data.

What is the Office 365 Secure Score?

The Secure Score is an analytics tool that can help you better understand various security risks to your corporate data inside Office 365, and in turn show you how to reduce these risks. Microsoft often refers to the Secure Score as a type of “credit score” when it comes to security.

The secure score was created by taking an inventory of everything an organization can do to mitigate a certain set of risks, followed by awarding points to those that are effectively doing so. The higher the Secure Score, the more secure a company’s data.

Your security starts with the Score Summary

The most vital piece of the Office 365 Secure Score is the Score Summary. This dashboard shows your current Secure Score as well as the possible number of points that are available based on your Office 365 configuration. Remember, the total number of points includes actions that could possibly have an adverse effect on your organization’s productivity. It’s therefore not necessarily feasible for your organization’s Secure Score to match the total possible number of points available.

The value of a real-time risk assessment

The Secure Score dashboard includes a real-time risk assessment which outlines any threats that are currently present, and offers solutions to resolve them. While the Secure Score itself is more of a visual representation of your organization’s security, the risk assessment allows you to see actual information about the risks facing your company.

Take action to help boost your Secure Score

Within the Office 365 Secure Score GUI you’ll also see a section called, “Take Action, Improve Your Score.” This area features an interactive slider that shows you what actions need to be implemented to improve your score. You’ll notice that as your target score increases, the number of actions necessary will also increase.

Use Office 365 Secure Score as a comparison tool

Microsoft also included a handy comparison tool which visually shows your current Secure Score and how it compares to the Office 365 Average Secure Score. This way you can get a quick sense of how you stack up compared to other Office 365 users.

What’s your Office 365 Secure Score?

If your organization uses Office 365, you can check your Secure Score by navigating to securescore.office.com. Should you have any additional questions about this security tool, feel free to reach out to the team.

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