If you use Microsoft Teams, you have probably seen a pop up at the beginning of a Teams meeting that says a person is “Waiting in the Lobby” with an “Admit button.” There is a way to prevent this from happening so that all participants are automatically admitted to the meeting. Use these simple steps below to change that setting.

How to change the setting on who can bypass the Lobby in your Microsoft Teams Meetings

Once you create your meeting, select your meeting in the Teams application under Meetings in the activity bar.

Select Meeting Options at the bottom of the Meetings Window.

teams meeting options screenshot

Once selected, you will be taken to a webpage in the Office 365 cloud environment to change the meeting options.

You can select “Everyone” in the who can bypass the lobby drop down menu. This will ensure that no one will be sent to the Lobby of your meeting.

You can also select “People in my organization and trusted organizations”. Those people will be granted access to your meeting without going to the lobby.

Lastly you can select “People in my organization” and only people in your company will bypass the lobby. This is important if you have co-workers who call in via the phone and it doesn’t show who they are, but rather their phone number.

teams meeting options selection screenshot

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