As the modern workplace becomes increasing mobile, here is a great article from Microsoft on how you can use Intune, Microsoft 365 Business and other tools to help increase your mobile productivity. Article was published on 5.20.20

Solving these modern workplace challenges

Upgrading your customers to the comprehensive security solution, Microsoft 365 Business, is the best way to equip your customers to meet these modern workplace challenges, safeguarding their security while allowing more mobile productivity.

Get your customers up and running quickly by implementing basic policies through the Microsoft 365 admin center and guiding them to Microsoft Intune, where they can create more customized policies. Through Intune, customers set rules and configure settings that increase mobile productivity while keeping their data protected, providing opportunities for cost savings by allowing employees to use personal devices to work.


Making sense of Microsoft Intune, MDM, and MAM

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service focused on mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM).  When used with Microsoft 365, it enables customer’s workforce to be productive on all their devices, while keep company information protected. 

  • MDM is when users “enroll” their devices in Intune. Once enrolled, they are managed devices, and can receive any policies, rules, and settings used by an organization. For example, you can install specifics apps, create a password policy, install a VPN connection, and more.  
  • MAM is designed to protect organization data at the application level, including custom and store apps. It can be used on organization-owned devices and personal devices. It does not require device management so you can protect company data on both managed and unmanaged devices. In addition, app protection policies are applied only in a work context so you can protect company data without touching an employee’s personal data. A great example of MAM in action is when app protection policies make sure an employee cannot copy information from their work email into their Notes app on their iPhone.  

MDM and MAM give your customers options and flexibility to protect their data while encouraging mobile worker productivity.   

Refresh your knowledge

Given the complexity of the security landscape, your customers will be looking to you as their trusted advisor to help them navigate their security needs. Make sure you know your stuff! 

Learn more about Intune MDM and MAM and prepare for customer conversations by following these steps:  

  1. Visit US SMB Modern Workplace landing page for resources related to starting a security practice and GTM assets to win new customers.  
  2. Review Microsoft Intune documentation for an overview of Intune, how to get started, and how to manage devices and apps.  
  3. Become an expert with Matt Soseman: 

Contact MessageOps if you have any questions: 877-788-1617 or email [email protected].

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