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    How to Get More Done With Outlook in Office 365

    improvement using outlook

    Get organized with new improvements when using Outlook in Office 365

    Many companies and their employees utilize Outlook.com as a daily part of running their business. It has been a popular system for quite some time, and with some of the new features that it offers, you’ll discover that it is even more beneficial for you and your employees now. Their recent update, which rolled out to a small number of customers already, includes a wealth of changes including:

    • Reworked inbox
    • Better methods of collaboration
    • Improved calendar

    They plan to bring these and more features to the rest of the Outlook.com user base over the course of the following weeks. Let’s look more closely at these new features so you can get a better idea of how they can help your organization do more.

    The Reworked Inbox
    First, we’ll start with one of the elements that most people use daily – the inbox. This is the hub of everything else that’s going on with Outlook for many people, as it is where you will check and write emails. The look is new, and it might take some users time to grow accustomed to it. However, it does improve the inbox in a number of ways.

    For starters, the Clutter feature will make it easier to manage the inbox. It will sort through messages for you, and will place the ones that aren’t important, or the ones that you tend to ignore, into a different file. You can actually “train” the system to understand what you deem to be clutter or junk, and what you want to keep. Drag junk messages into the folder, and remove messages that are important. It is as simple as that. If you do not like the way the system works, you can always turn it off.

    The inbox also offers search suggestions and the ability to refine your search. This can make it easier to find the information you need quickly. If you want to add some personality to the inbox, you will find an additional 13 themes. Some of the other features of the inbox include the link preview and the inline images, add-ins, pins and flags, and the ability to have messages open in new popup windows.

    Better Collaboration
    These are some of the most exciting features for those who are running companies of all sizes. It makes it easier than ever to work with other people whether they are in another part of your building or across the country. Skype will now allow you to connect with a group or one-on-one quickly and easily. You can share with others using OneDrive, and you can open attachments to see them side-by-side with the email. While these features might seem small, they really can help to make collaboration a faster and simpler process.

    Improved Calendar
    The calendar feature is easier to navigate and makes it easier to create calendars. Additionally, it is easy to manage shared calendars with coworkers, employees, clients, and more. You can find events using names, location, or even the description of the event.

    Other New Features
    Those who are using Outlook applications on tablets and phones will find that they are also getting a new and updated experience. It includes new features including swipe gestures, as well as a mobile friendly method of checking the calendar and looking for contacts. With so many people using mobile devices today, it is high time that they improved this aspect of the service, and most will welcome the upgrade.

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