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    How to Manage Data Loss Protection (DLP) Policies Relating to Email

    How to Manage Data Loss Protection (DLP) Policies Relating to Email on messageops.com

    Put steps in place to mitigate the amount of compromising information that can be sent via email with effective DLP policies in tandem with Microsoft’s Policy Tips

    With roughly 205 billion emails sent around the world each day, it’s no surprise that companies are concerned about potentially compromising information leaking through email. A variety of tools have been released to combat these security issues, many that scan incoming and outgoing emails with varying degrees of success.

    Office 365 puts a variety of options at the disposal of IT admins looking to effectively manage and secure email. One of those tools comes in the form of Microsoft’s “Policy Tips.”

    What are Policy Tips – and how do they help enforce DLP policies?

    Policy Tips are notices that are displayed when a user is composing a message with Microsoft Office 365 web-based and client-based email clients. The purpose of these Policy Tips is to educate users about instances where they could be violating DLP polices that have been established by their company.

    How to ensure Policy Tips will show up for email senders

    The following conditions must exist for Policy Tips to show up when sending email:

    1. The sender’s email client must be Microsoft Outlook 2013 or newer. If your organization is using Exchange 2013 SP1 or Exchange Online, Policy Tips will also show up in the Outlook Web App as well as on mobile devices.

    2. What is known as a ‘transport rule’ has been created that will cause Policy Tip notifications to be generated. This rule can be created by configuring a DLP policy that is set with the following action: Notify the sender with a Policy Tip.

    3. If the contents of a message header, message, or attachment meet certain conditions that are established within your organization’s DLP policies and/or Policy Tip notification settings, a tip will display.

    The benefits of using Policy Tips to better secure email communication

    Not only will Policy Tips allow you to alert email users when they’re attempting to send potentially compromising information over the Internet, but this tool also allows you to control whether or not these emails can be sent out once they’ve been flagged.

    Policy Tips allow you to put certain rules in place – if those rules are broken, the user would have to manually override the system and offer an explanation as to why they are looking to send compromising information. This record is then stored to allow IT admins to track the senders and what type of data was sent through email.

    Interested in learning more about Policy Tips?

    If you’re looking to learn more about Policy Tips and how they can help your organization to better enforce DLP policies, Microsoft has put together a comprehensive video that will likely open your eyes to the power of this versatile tool. Organizations sometimes overlook how much power they’re giving employees when they allow them to openly send any type of email to anyone, anywhere in the world. With robust DLP policies and tools from Microsoft like Policy Tips, you can do your best to ensure that communications avoid disclosing potentially damaging information.

    To learn more about Policy Tips or for guidance on setting up effective DLP policies for your organization, don’t hesitate to reach out to MessageOps at 877-788-1617 or through our online contact form.

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