Microsoft Teams is a place where users can chat, meet, call, and collaborate with different team members across the world. The tool allows users to send instant chat messages to co-workers, share their opinions with a group, video chat, and so much more. And one of the most widely used features of Microsoft Teams is the ability to create a “Team”—a group of people, data or applications that can deal with different initiatives and results within an organization.

Microsoft Teams also has key features designed to help facilitate teamwork—like the ability to make a Team private (where only invited members may access and interact) or public (open to anyone within the organization). Within Teams, users also have the ability to create Channels—segments designed to keep conversations organized by topic, project and discipline—and extend the applications, connectors, and bot capabilities. As such, Teams has become an integral part of many organizations’ day-to-day operations. And with the amount of information often saved in different Teams, the need to restore a deleted Team has become a relevant and sometimes necessary task.

How to Restore a Deleted Team

So, how does one restore a Team that has been accidentally or intentionally deleted? Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Office 365 portal:
  2. Navigate to the Office 365 Admin Center:
  3. Next, navigate to the SharePoint Admin Center:
  4. Once in the SharePoint Admin Center, click Sites, and then select Deleted Sites.
  5. Finally, find the Team that has been deleted, select the object, and then click Restore.

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Teams Governance

Now that you know how to restore a deleted team, here are two questions that may be important to your organization:

  1. Is governing your Micorosft Teams important to you?
  2. Are you looking to control Teams sprawl?

 If having policies and controls in place is an important part of your organization’s Microsoft Teams strategy, Team Captain by MessageOps can help. Team Captain is an easy-to-use platform that simplifies and automates the governance and security of your company’s Teams environment.

Team Captain dashboard for Managing Microsoft Teams

Team Captain provides:

  • One window visibility into your Teams environment
  • Control over your Teams sprawl
  • Simplified push-button Team archiving
  • Easy identification of Teams by department
  • Easy to set up and implement Teams policies
  • Knowledge of how many files are being shared outside your company
  • Ability to hold team owners accountable using automated policy-based external sharing reviews

Additionally, Team Captain’s POWER BI Productivity Dashboard provides trended analysis that can be viewed over time and on an overall basis for your company, department, or by user to provide details on:

  • The number of Team calls
  • The number of Team chats
  • The number of Team meetings
  • The number of Team private chats

And, if your users are not permitted to create a team without approval, an optional add-on can provide a pre-built workflow to streamline team creation and ensure governance. Using the pre-built workflow, users simply submit their team request via Microsoft Forms, which Team Captain summarizes and sends for approval. Once approved, the flow automatically creates the new team, applies policies, and assigns the team an owner so users can quickly get to work in their new team.

Get Started

Global administrators for Office 365 can simply log in to Team Captain with Office 365 credentials to start a trial and get statistics to make better business decisions.

For more information about Team Captain from MessageOps, click here, or contact the MessageOps team at 877-788-1617 or [email protected].

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