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Inscape gives you valuable Microsoft Office 365 adoption support that makes the transition smooth and successful. It provides a customizable suite of tools, software and services that empower your organization to make the most of Office 365 from the start.


Access our leading suite of Office 365 videos and downloadable content to give users the information they need to get the most out of Office 365.


Get exclusive access to the Inscape guided Office 365 adoption plan that highlights common Office 365 problems and solutions, to guarantee adoption success.


Distribute Office 365 adoption guides, customized to your organization and department, across your company so users can easily refer to detailed advice specific to them.

Get more value and functionality from your environment

Inscape provides users with all the training materials they need to work to their maximum potential, taking pressure off your help desk.

Microsoft Office 365 adoption support


AI-powered automated query resolution resolves low-level support issues, freeing up IT to work on tasks of a higher value.

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Get help desk support from our dedicated Office 365 maintenance experts – from resolving issues to reducing downtime.

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Microsoft Office 365 adoption support

Adoption support from the experts

Your cloud journey isn’t over once Office 365 is deployed. To reach your digital workplace, users must not only use the platform in the right way, but in the best way possible. Inscape gives you the know-how to do just that.

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