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Simple and powerful Office 365 administration

Inscape makes it easier to manage Office 365. Get platform administration and management that’s both far-reaching and in-depth, all included with your CSP subscription.


Check the location of your organizational data in Office 365 to see where it’s stored and what regulations it must keep to.


Take complete control over permissions management in Office 365 to ensure the appropriate users have access to the right information.


Establish password control policies that protect your environment. Choose how often passwords must be changed and prompt users to do so.

A bird’s eye view over your environment

Inscape’s granular management capabilities unpack every part of your Office 365 environment. Get complete platform analysis without getting lost in the details.

office 365 administration


Compile and analyze analytical data on everything that goes on in your organization for intelligent, data-driven decision-making.


Migrate your mailboxes between Office 365 and on-premises servers with ease to create a unified environment.

office 365 administration

Optimize your Office 365 administration

Inscape lets you create a reactive, secure, and optimized Office 365 environment. It gives you more to make it easier for you to monitor, maintain, and manage Office 365. Inscape is included free of charge in your Office 365 subscription if you choose MessageOps as your CSP Partner.

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