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Simple onboarding and offboarding

As part of the transformational power of Inscape, you can access a dedicated onboarding and offboarding tool, which guides you through each stage of creating or removing Office 365 licenses.

In Office 365, creating and eliminating users is difficult and time-consuming. It requires an administrator to use a complex combination of different tools and portals in conflicting areas of the admin portal. Inscape makes this a simple, logical process that you can complete in a matter of clicks.

onboarding and offboarding in office 365

Onboarding in Office 365

The dedicated onboarding tool in Inscape takes you through every step of provisioning as part of a clear, guided process.

  • Assign username, display names, and Outlook address name
  • Choose whether to assign a mailbox
  • Generate a random password, which users must change on first login
  • Enable or disable multi-factor authentication
  • Add job title, department, office, and contact information to user accounts
  • Choose which license subscription to assign
  • Assign group memberships to the account
  • Manage access permissions

These features allow you to successfully configure your users’ Office 365 license from day one. Make onboarding a simple, effortless process and give you users the tools they need to hit the ground running.

Offboarding in Office 365

It’s easy to assume that offboarding in Office 365 is as easy as deleting the license and moving on. In reality, there’s important information stored in that user’s mailbox that you can’t afford to lose. For that reason, you need to ensure important information is preserved, and new emails in the mailbox can be forwarded on to the right people. With Inscape, configuring the following offboarding settings is effortless:

  • Choose a third party user to forward any incoming mail to
  • Reset the password so the user can no longer log in, or set it to expire
  • Convert User Mailbox to a Shared Mailbox
  • Disable remote PowerShell
  • Give other users access to the Mailbox

With the Inscape Offboarding tool, you can complete these important actions in a matter of seconds.

Transform your IT

With Inscape, the ease and functionality of the onboarding and offboarding tool is applied to every aspect of your IT admin.

Whether it’s license management, training, reporting, or adoption monitoring, you’ll have access to the complete range of tools and software you need to supercharge your Office 365 investment. Inscape is the ultimate Office 365 value enhancement, and is available for no extra cost through the MessageOps CSP program. By purchasing your Office 365 licenses through us, you’ll have access to the entire Inscape package for the same price as your existing subscription. By making us your CSP, you’ll gain access to a dedicated IT partner whose most important priority is to make your IT achieve more.

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