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Manage Office 365 licenses easily.Minimize costs effectively.

Support your business’s growth by keeping costs in check. Inscape lets you assign and deprovision Office 365 licenses as you scale to get the highest possible value from the platform. No wasted licenses, no wasted license fees.

manage office 365 licenses


Easily add and remove licenses from your Office 365 plan at the click of a button.

manage office 365 licenses


See which licenses are being deployed across your organization in one single interface.

manage office 365 licenses


Change user licenses in bulk: by user, by Group, or across the whole organization.

Three dimensions of visibility and control

It’s easy to let dormant licenses or inefficient subscription plans increase your costs. Inscape makes it easier than ever for administrators to manage Office 365 licenses.

manage office 365 licenses


Compare licensing breakdown against adoption and usage statistics to see whether users are making the most of Office 365’s many apps.

Track and monitor

View a simple breakdown of your licensing costs in an easy-to-use interface, and see the complete picture into your licensing history to catch unused or expired licenses.

inscape screenshot provision track and monitor

Manage Office 365 licenses faster

If you want maximum value for your cloud investment, you need 360-degree control over your Office 365 licenses.

Through the CSP program, Inscape’s provisioning capabilities and much more are included in the price of your existing Office subscription.

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