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A complete Office 365 education on demand

The Inscape training platform features a comprehensive range of Office 365 education resources, facilitating quick and easy adoption, and ensuring users learn how to use the tools to maximum effectiveness.

Our expert training will empower your users to work better and faster in Office 365, increasing engagement in the process. They’ll learn the purpose and full functionality of Office 365’s many applications and best practice for each.

office 365 education


Access cheat sheets, resources to download, and starter guides to improve Office 365 usage and end-user productivity.

office 365 education


View reports to see where training materials are being used across the company. Track usage for a better look at your platform’s ROI.

office 365 education


Implement gamification features that motivate users to hit milestones and targets, with certificates and leader boards for healthy competition.

Expert insights at the click of a button

Inscape training gives you fast and effective access to the suite of resources you need to get the most from your Office 365 environment. With detailed reporting and analytics capabilities, it’s never been easier to see where training has been completed.

office 365 education


Get 24/7 access to over 2500 training videos and clips, on demand, in bite-size format, to extend Office 365 knowledge and best practice to every employee.

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Monitor adoption of tools, software and solutions across your Microsoft cloud. Establish clear trends in usage; see where software is being deployed and where additional training support is needed.

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office 365 education

Faster and better Office 365 education with Inscape

A common problem with Office 365 is not implementing the software but getting the most out of it.

Armed with a detailed knowledge of their cloud environment, well-trained users have the potential to revolutionize their business. Inscape makes this faster, easier, and more interactive than ever.

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