Inscape Anomaly

A Fully Funded, Azure and AWS Cost Management Service

Using Machine Learning algorithms, Inscape Anomaly provides quick, cost anomaly alerting and prediction for your Azure and AWS environments. Our Microsoft funded service does the work for you by monitoring your consumption patterns daily to eliminate any surprises in your bill. Start using Inscape Anomaly today!

A single pane of glass into your Azure and AWS subscription spend with at-a-glance statistics

Do you currently get alerted if there is a cost anomaly in your Azure and/or your AWS environment? Have you ever been surprised by unexpected spikes in your bill? There are many factors that can cause sudden increases in your bill, including code irregularities, human error, development bugs, unexpected customer load, malicious actors, and others. You no longer need to wait until the end of the month to identify anomalous spend in your Azure and/or AWS subscription with our graphically-friendly alerting platform.

Setup is easy!

Inscape Anomaly is not another service you need to manage. Your Azure Active Directory Global Administrators, Azure Owners or Contributors, and AWS account owners can simply setup the account, and then Inscape Anomaly does the work for you.

  • Continuous Azure and AWS cloud cost management
  • Easy to use and graphical dashboard
  • Alerting of cost anomalies in your Azure and AWS spend
  • Predicts future cost anomalies in your Azure and AWS environment
  • Get notified of any creations or deletions in your Azure and/or AWS environment
  • Helps identify what may have caused anomalies in your Azure and/or AWS spend
  • Simple setup of email notifications
  • Granular tracking of Azure spend at the subscription, resource group, and individual resource level
  • Seamless Single Sign-On with Azure Active Directory

Inscape Anomaly Dashboard

Inscape Anomaly offers a convenient dashboard where you can get a look at what is happening in your Azure and/or AWS subscription, apply changes to alerts, and view reports.It shows historical, current, and forecast data of your more relevant resources, (those that it considers you should pay attention to), so you do not have to dive into hundreds of resources.

How Inscape Anomaly works

1. Analysis: Using AI / machine learning algorithms, Inscape Anomaly inspects your Azure and/or AWS subscriptions daily by looking for anomalies that can impact your Azure bill. Inscape Anomaly gets granular and can track your Azure/AWS spend at the Subscription, Resource Group, or Individual Resource level.

2. Alerts: Easily setup email alerts to get notified of any anomalies, including anomalies in new Azure or AWS resources. Also, get notified immediately of any creations or deletions in your environment.

3. Discovery: Inscape Anomaly helps identify what could have caused the anomaly by showing the changes that happened in Azure or AWS at the time we capture the anomaly and the days leading up to the anomaly.

4. Predicts: With our Machine Learning capabilities, Inscape Anomaly is uniquely positioned to predict future cost anomalies. Inscape Anomaly will show you the future date and our cost prediction for that date. Also, Inscape Anomaly will identify what AWS or Azure Subscription, Resource Group and Resource that the anomaly will happen in, so you can take action.

Get Started

To start using Inscape Anomaly, your Azure Active Directory Global Admin and Azure or AWS Owner or Contributor can setup your account. Other subscription models are also available. Inquire today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Inscape anomaly uses machine learning algorithms / AI to analyze your Azure subscription at different levels, from small resources to the entire subscription.

RoleManagement.Read.Directory and User.Read are all of the Azure AD permissions that are required.

The permissions needed against the Azure subscription are: Cost Management Reader and Read.

Yes. Anomaly needs the Service Account delegated permissions to monitor your Azure subscription.

You can choose which subscriptions you want Anomaly to track.

No. Presently, Anomaly is a multi-tenant application running in MessageOps tenant. Soon you will be able to download Inscape Anomaly from the Azure Marketplace to run in your own tenant.

Inscape Anomaly holds the data for 12 months.

Inscape Anomaly establishes your cost pattern from the past 60 days of Azure consumption.

Yes. Most Azure cost management tools are static and are general in nature. For example, if you currently have Azure cost management and budget alerting set up, that is a great place to start and best practice! However, you will only be alerted when you reach your budget alert matrix. So, in other words, if you have Azure budget alerting notify you when you hit 25% of your budget, that could happen in a few days when your budget was set up for 6 or 12 months. Inscape Anomaly notifies you of any cost anomalies within 24 hours of the anomaly taking place.

20 days after the trial period, Anomaly will delete the client’s data, leaving only a record in the database that the clients once had a trial account.

Yes. Using Machine Learning algorithms, Inscape will show you the future date and our cost prediction for that date. Also, Inscape Anomaly will tell you what Azure Subscription, Resource Group and Resource that the anomaly will happen in, so you can take action. Now that’s powerful.

No. If your consumption goes up in a steady increase, you will not get alerted. On the other hand, if there is a rapid spike in your Azure spend, you will get alerted.

Yes. For example, you are running a big ad campaign and expect a spike on your web server subscription or resource group. You can adjust the machine learning sensitivity and alerting to accommodate the upcoming spike.

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Start Inscape Anomaly

To launch Inscape Anomaly, please be sure to include your teammates with the following roles: Azure Active Directory Global Admin and Azure Owner or Contributor. A MessageOps representative will contact you to schedule this setup call.

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