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Inscape Adoption reduces callsto your human help desk

MessageOps’ Inscape Adoption for Office 365 is an automated self-service support portal that has helped thousands of companies address the dual challenges of adoption and change management.

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Increase adoption of your Microsoft investment

With so many powerful features, Office 365 has massive potential in the enterprise. Yet many businesses struggle to realize the full business value of Microsoft’s best-selling, fastest-growing productivity suite. While buying Office 365 doesn’t automatically mean employees will take advantage of it and use it to its fullest potential, Inscape Adoption for Office 365 platform will get all of your business units up to speed and productive in the shortest amount of time.

Key Features of Inscape Adoption

Company Branded

How To Step-by-Step Learning

Office 365 by Department Guide

Level 1-2 Self Service Help Desk

Adoption Plan

Automated End-User Communication Plan

Quick Start Guides

Business Scenario Identification

In-depth Video’s

Available as a Website or as a SharePoint App in your Office 365 environment

Increase User Adoption

Available as a company-branded website or SharePoint app within your O365 environment, our platform gives you and your employees access to a robust library of resources including:

  • An Office 365 Department Guide
  • A Level 1-2 self-service help desk
  • An adoption plan
  • A life-long end-user communication plan
  • Quick start guides
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs
  • Business scenario identification
  • Bite-size videos
  • Reporting features that give your team insight on how many calls were resolved through the platform and statistics on what your teams are (and should be) learning about.

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Inscape Adoption

Planning & Training

As you work with your business units to deliver on the promise of Office 365, MessageOps has developed Inscape Adoption for Office 365, a platform that will develop a site customized just for you to aid you in your Office 365 Adoption plan.


Meaningful insights

  • Help desk reports on how many calls were resolved via the site
  • Web statistics on what your teams are learning about and what they should be learning about

Services that simply work

It's hard to get business units to realize the value of Office 365,  Inscape Adoption makes it easy

It will help you educate and enable your business units to get the most out of your Office 365 investment. If you are interested in making sure your company is leveraging the power of Office 365 and living the Office 365 lifestyle, fill out our contact form today to learn more about how Inscape Adoption can help your organization!

  • Automated Office 365 End-user Communication Plan
  • Office 365 Quick Start Guides
  • Office 365 How-To Instructions
  • Office 365 Business Transformation Guides
  • Office 365 Training Videos
  • Office 365 Adoption Guide
  • Integrated Self-Service Help Desk with Workflow

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