License management and cost optimization

Your Office 365 licenses are worth a lot. Don’t let empty licenses put a strain on your IT bill at the end of the month. Optimize how you manage your Office 365 licenses and save time and money.

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Cost savings

License costs can quickly add up. Making sure your business is optimized is essential for your budget.

Reduced risk

Improve your knowledge of EULA agreements and ensure proper use of IT solutions across your organization.

Procurement efficiency

Better awareness of license metrics means you can make sure license requests are met and projects completed faster.

Get optimized

The cloud is an essential component to businesses of all sizes. And one of the many benefits is that you only pay for what you need. The Inscape365 platform makes it easy to see user and usage metrics so you can optimize your licenses and make significant savings.

Better security

By understanding your IT licensing landscape better and having an enhanced overview, your IT team can make sure all software is configured to prevent conflicts, viruses, and other malware and potential network breaches.

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Mailbox location tracking and server map

Easily check the exact location of your organization’s mailboxes in Office 365 and make sure you’re compliant with location-based regulations.

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