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Our Office 365 training platform includes more than 250 courses for Microsoft Word to ensure you and your team are getting the most out of the most popular word processing application on the planet.

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Microsoft Word Training

When you take a look at our Word training courses, know that regardless of your skill level, there will be plenty of course material available to advance your knowledge level.

Most of us today would say that they’re fairly adept at knowing the ins and outs of how to use Word. The reality is that there is quite a bit of Microsoft Word training that could be beneficial for organizations of all sizes.

Versatile Learning Portal

Whether you’re an admin or a user, our versatile learning portal ensures that all of the relevant training information is in one place, and easily searchable.

Weekly Training

At MessageOps, we don’t just stop with online MS Word training. We offer live, “face-to-face” training sessions that are designed to ensure all your questions are answered.

On-Demand Training Materials

Regardless of the time of day, you’ll have instant access to our large library of MS Word training content that can be accessed from anywhere.

Certificates of Completion

When your employees finish each module, they’ll receive certificates of completion to encourage them to consume as much content as possible.

With more than 250 Microsoft Word tutorials, our clients are able to provide a turnkey Microsoft Word training tool that encompasses the most basic elements to the most advanced of this versatile word processing application.

Microsoft Word Training Courses

Use our Microsoft Word training courses to either build a firm foundation or give you that edge that you’ve needed to better excel in your job. Explore the wide array of courses in our platform below.

Word 2016 Essentials

Word 2016 Power Users

Word 2013

Starter Guides: Microsoft Word

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