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We offer a comprehensive Office 365 Training platform that includes more than 150 courses and videos specifically designed to ensure you’re utilizing SharePoint properly within your organization.

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Microsoft SharePoint Training

If you’re new to the world of Office 365, you may not yet understand the value and versatility of SharePoint, a tool that allows organizations to quickly and seamlessly create internal tools for document sharing and collaboration. Even if you’re a veteran SharePoint user, there’s always more to learn with this ever-expanding platform.

24/7 On-Demand Access

Access more than 2500 on-demand Office 365 training clips 24/7

Live SharePoint Training

Weekly live training sessions connect your team with one of our certified Office 365 instructors


Add a bit of fun to training by implementing some of our gamification tools to encourage employees to hit their goals.

Data Analytics

The Office 365 Training platform allows administrators to assess ROI through a variety of dynamically updating data metrics.

Downloadable Cheat Sheets

Downloadable cheat sheets and starter guides for SharePoint help on the go.

By using the MessageOps training platform and our SharePoint Productivity Suite, our clients have successfully created robust intranet platforms powered by SharePoint, filled with features such as the CROWN Learning Management System for learning gamification and contract and asset management through VINE.

SharePoint Training Options

Our SharePoint training courses feature a wide array of tools that are sure to be easily digested by your team regardless of their learning style.


Our SharePoint training courses cover everything from getting started with this Office 365 app to the most minute detail to ensure you and your team are prepared to leverage the power of this unique platform. Explore the more than 150 courses available in our platform.

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