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Inscape License & Assign is a simple, elegant, and easy-to-use Office 365 cloud orchestration platform.

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Hundreds of companies trust Inscape License & Assign to support their tens of thousands of Office 365 licenses.

"The Inscape License & Assign platform for my Office 365 licensing has been hugely convenient and saves me lots of time."


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Life is Easier for End Users

Inscape License & Assign

You can manage your Microsoft Office 365 licenses directly within the Inscape License & Assign portal. Increase your operational efficiencies by making changes in just one portal that automatically updates your billing—in real-time.

Single Sign-on

No need to log into another portal to order

Inscape License & Assign leverages Azure Active Directory single sign-on to gain access to the Office 365 cloud orchestration platform without having to use different usernames or passwords. You can also easily access Inscape License & Assign through the Office 365 App Launcher. No longer do you need to use multiple portals to manage your licenses.


Inscape License & Assign tracks your past purchases and makes it easy to add on in the future

With Inscape License & Assign, you will gain access to all of your past Office 365 licensing history. As you add new employees, you can select past purchases and give access to the same applications and resources as other employees with similar roles. This will make onboarding new employees more efficient and eliminate possible errors in limiting access to critical resources. Also having this detailed history, you will be able to see the number of licenses purchased compared to the number of active licenses assigned. Future budgeting and planning of your Office 365 environment have never been easier.

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Easy employee management

Onboarding and offboarding licenses for your staff is a breeze with Inscape License & Assign! Adding a new employee is extremely simple. You can assign available licenses to the new employee or select from past purchases and assign the same applications of other employees with similar job functions. If you have licenses assigned to an employee that has been terminated, you can reclaim their license(s) and re-assign them to a new employee no matter what the job function is. Alternatively, if you don’t re-assign the license(s), they will simply remain available.


Inscape License & Assign provides prorated easy-to-understand invoicing

Inscape License & Assign will handle your billing and consolidate your information into a single invoice. We make it simple to understand and your monthly bill will automatically be prorated based on any adds, changes, or removals that may have occurred in Inscape License & Assign during that billing cycle. We deliver one clean invoice that shows a line by line summary. You can also work with our team to customize the invoice to your business needs.


Inscape License & Assign provides a self-service help desk and adoption platform

With Inscape License & Assign, you have access to the Office 365 Adoption Platform. The main hurdle organizations face after migrating to Office 365 is getting their business units educated on the full breadth of the Office 365 suite, and then ensuring they leverage these powerful tools to be more collaborative and productive. Also, the Office 365 Adoption platform helps reduce the number of help desk calls by delivering a Level 1-2 Self-Service Help Desk feature. Learn more about the Office 365 Adoption platform.


Get support from a trusted Cloud Solution Provider that knows your business

Sirius / MessageOps is available to support you with all of your Office 365 needs, including Inscape License & Assign and any of our other value-added tools and services. We deliver a dedicated Customer Success Manager as your personal “concierge” who will directly assist you or point you in the right direction. We make it easy to support you.


Get a simple, easy-to-use platform to manage your Office 365 license subscriptions

Inscape License & Assign delivers an intuitive platform so you can easily make adds, changes, or removals to your Office 365 licensing. You will gain back time in your day to focus on achieving other important business goals.

Single Portal

Manage your licenses in a single portal that updates in real-time

Traditionally, you would have to use multiple portals to purchase a license, wait for it to be acquired, then assign it to the user, and finally activate the license. It’s a 4-step process to get new employee access to your Office 365 environment. That’s the old way. The new way is with Inscape License & Assign. Inscape License & Assign lets you perform these functions in a single step, all in real-time. There is no waiting. You simply log into License & Assign with your Office 365 ID and password and manage your license quickly and easily.


Expand your help desk and reduce your inbound support ticket requests

Wouldn’t it be nice to minimize the number of support tickets you receive related to Office 365? You can by using the Office 365 Adoption platform included with Inscape License & Assign. This includes a Level 1-2 Self-Service Help Desk feature so you can steer your users to the answers they may need without having to contact your help desk.

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