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Inscape Microsoft 365 Management (formerly Inscape365) makes it easier to administer Office 365. Get platform administration and management that’s both far-reaching and in-depth, with robust features to help you boost productivity.

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Simple and powerful Office 365 administration

Inscape’s granular management capabilities unpack every part of your Office 365 environment. Get complete platform analysis without getting lost in the details. How it Works:  Our Inscape Microsoft 365 Management platform performs PowerShell and Graph API commands to help our customers better manage their Microsoft 365 environments. When you create your Inscape Manage account, your Global Admin will be required to select Token-based authentication, and then your tenant data loads into the Inscape Platform. We do not need Global Admin Rights and the token (or refresh token) is no longer stored inside the Azure Key Vault. We will simply request a new token each time we need to run PowerShell. This is the most secure method. We will not store any data. And if you are MFA enabled, we can support it.

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Save time

Onboarding and offboarding

The Inscape wizard guides you through the process of adding and removing users in Office 365, making your platform administration more efficient.

Reduce PowerShell usage

The Inscape platform provides inbuilt reports and data at the click of a button, so your staff can focus on their work instead of a PowerShell command window.

PST Exporter

If you need to export mailboxes from the Office 365 cloud to your on-premises environment or HR search, the PST Exporter feature makes it simple and intuitive.

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Better understanding

Comprehensive reporting

Easily access more than 100 reports that will offer instant, up-to-date information about all aspects of your Office 365 environment.

Improved security

In-depth reporting and effective risk mitigation allow you to quickly detect and address security vulnerabilities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

More on how your Office 365 is being used

More control

Improved visibility

Check information on users, groups, permissions, configurations, potential vulnerabilities, licensing concerns and more, all displayed in a simple, visually appealing way.

Simplified administration

A simplified approach to Office 365 management and administration that saves time and allows you to gain better understanding into how the platform is being used within your organization.

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Increase the ROI of your Office 365 investment

Reduce costs

Optimized license management

Discover how many licenses are assigned to your employees so that you can make sure you are not needlessly paying for unused licenses.

Measure ROI

Track metrics that quickly show what components of Office 365 are being used so that you can understand if you’re getting the ROI you’d expect.

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Built for financial stakeholders

Financial Snapshot

CFO’s, Accounting and IT leaders will love this feature. The Financial Snapshot tool will provide you with detailed billing activity for your Office 365, Azure, Microsoft Software, and Microsoft Marketplace purchases. You can easily reconcile licensing for each of the services sectors and export reports to a .CSV file.

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