Inscape Multicloud Cost Management

A simple, intuitive overview of your cloud spend

Inscape Multicloud Cost Management simplifies financial management, heightens the visibility, and delivers comprehensive recommendations for your multi-cloud environment from a single platform. Gain more clarity of your cloud spend by quickly and easily monitoring costs, spotting trends, creating and managing budgets, and customizing alerts based on your Microsoft 365®Azure®, and AWS® cloud spend—all while saving you valuable time.

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Comprehensive cost visibility, transparency and reporting across your Microsoft and AWS environment

  • View cloud spend in near real-time with a simple and intuitive platform
  • Pre-built, graphical charts and insights help you easily consume and intelligently analyze data
  • Slice and dice your cloud spend by account, service, resource, etc. for granular cost visibility
  • Get comprehensive recommendations that will potentially save you on your monthly bill
  • Eliminates the daunting task of examining spreadsheets and dissecting your cloud bills
  • Provides detailed billing information that can be exported
  • Useful cost reporting with the click of a button
  • Evaluate month-over-month spending and utilization trends to quickly identify anomalies
  • Effective budget tracking and pre-built budget communication alert workflow
  • Drive accountability against budgets
  • Easily keep track of who owns what cloud resources and subscriptions

Trended Cloud Spend Summary

Within the Inscape dashboard, you can view a graphically trended, monthly summary of your all-up cloud spend, as well as a detailed breakdown by cloud vendor and service.

View AWS spend by Account, Service, and Tag.

View Azure spend breakdown by Reserved Instances, Marketplace, and Software.

Detailed Billing information

With a simple, push button .CSV export feature, you can easily pull a report for Microsoft and AWS billing information:

  • Invoice date and number
  • Charge start and end dates
  • Costs
  • Meter description
  • Order date
  • Product information
  • SKU ID and name
  • Subscription ID
  • Much more
Also, you can view your recent invoice history in PDF format for easy reconciliation right at your fingertips.

Cloud cost management for AWS, Azure, and Microsoft 365

Gain financial control of your AWS environment with the Inscape Financial Snapshot for AWS.

Inscape aws cloud cost management

We deliver an informative AWS cost review that can be searched and sorted by:

  • Account ID/Subscription ID
  • Service
  • Cost type
  • Resource type
  • Tag

Within these sections, you can sort by:

  • Date
  • Daily, monthly, yearly, or custom date range
  • Daily average costs
  • Highest services cost
  • Lowest daily cost
  • Highest daily cost
  • Variance of costs
aws cloud cost management
Inscape aws cloud cost management

Group by:

  • Account
  • Service
  • Resource

Budget Creation and Tracking

Within Inscape, you can create cloud budgets and determine the alert conditions of who should be notified when you’ve reached your target % of budget to stay ahead of your monthly bill. This dashboard shows you a graphical view of your monthly costs and when you’ve reached those target thresholds. You can create budgets at the account level, service level within the account, resource within the account, as well as tags, giving you granular visibility into cost data that you can charge back to the appropriate line of business.Additionally, you can see an all-up view of your budgets by cloud vendor, when those budgets were created, when they expire and the current progress of those budgets.

Cloud Optimization Recommendations

Inscape will help you optimize your Azure and/or AWS cloud footprint with comprehensive recommendations and alert criteria related to:​​ Cost Savings, Security, and Performance.

Cost Optimization

The Azure and AWS Cost Optimization dashboard displays recommended actions to remediate, along with alert criteria.​ Each recommendation will indicate the potential monthly savings when implemented, related to:​

    • Unassociated resources​
    • Underutilized resources​​
    • Idle resources​​
    • Low utilized resources​​
    • Much more​​

Security Optimization

The Security Optimization dashboard displays recommended actions to help you improve your cloud security posture. Each recommendation will indicate the area of security that can be optimized related to:

    • Exposed access keys
    • Unrestricted access
    • MFA on root account
    • IAM access key rotations
    • Specific ports that are unrestricted
    • Much more

Performance Optimization

The Performance Optimization dashboard displays recommended actions to help you improve your cloud performance. Each recommendation will highlight specific areas where performance can be optimized including:

    • Content delivery optimization
    • Throughput optimization
    • IOPS
    • Performance efficiencies
    • Much more

Take Control of Cloud Spend with the Power of FinOps

An instructive guide to cloud financial management

Cloud computing has changed the business landscape. It enables better innovation, more flexibility, and an attractive pricing model for businesses of all sizes. However, if organizations are not careful, they can quite easily go over budget and suddenly find that their cloud spend is spiraling out of control.In this whitepaper, we will outline why you should implement FinOps at your organization, and then highlight the benefits of teaming up with a cloud partner to provide the added value, IP, and expertise to ensure you’re 100% in control of cloud spend.

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