We are very excited to announce our newest and biggest project to date, 365 Command. 365 Command is web based administration, reporting, and monitoring portal for Office 365.

At this stage we have focused our efforts on developing features which would otherwise require Administrators use PowerShell to get the information they are looking for or make the modifications needed.

The initial type of information you can gather from the reporting aspects include:

  • Mailbox Sizes
  • Archive Sizes
  • Quota Usage
  • Mobile Devices
  • Item Counts
  • Mailbox Permissions

The administration features currently allow you to do things like:

  • Reset Passwords (with options for never expire)
  • Set Mailbox Permissions (Send As, Full Mailbox Access)
  • Set Mailbox Folder Permissions (Reviewer, Editor, Owner, etc)
  • Set Forwarders on Mailboxes
  • Create Shared Mailboxes

In the coming months we’ll be adding more reports, more administration capabilities and  integrating our monitoring capabilities into the site.

Right now we really need your help and feedback to make this product as useful as possible. If you are interested in trying the product, and hopefully making your day to day administration tasks easier, please complete the form below and we’ll send you the details.

You can register your Office 365 tenant at  https://admin.365command.com.

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