Learn how to easily manage Storage anywhere from within Windows, MacOs as well as Linux with Azure Storage Explorer

  • Access multiple accounts and subscriptions across Azure, Azure Stack, and the Sovereign Cloud
  • Create, delete, view, and edit storage resources
  • Obtain shared access signature (SAS) keys
  • View and edit Blob, Queue, Table, File, Cosmos DB storage and Data Lake Storage

Manage Storage And Increase Productivity

You can easily manage the contents of your storage account with Azure Storage Explorer. Upload, download and manage blobs, files, queues, tables and Cosmos DB entities. Gain easy access to manage your virtual machine disks. Work with either Azure Resource Manager or classic storage accounts, plus manage and configure cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) rules.

Here’s how to do so via Azure Storage Explorer

Queue storage

  • Peek most recent 32 messages
  • View, add and dequeue messages
  • Clear queue

Blob storage

  • View, delete and copy blobs and folders
  • Upload and download blobs while maintaining data integrity
  • Manage snapshots for blobs

Table storage

  • Query entities with OData or query builder
  • Add, edit and delete entities
  • Import and export tables and query results

File storage

  • Navigate files through directories
  • Upload, download, delete and copy files and directories
  • View and edit file properties

Azure Cosmos DB storage

  • Create, manage and delete databases and collections
  • Generate, edit, delete and filter documents
  • Manage stored procedures, triggers and user-defined functions

Azure Data Lake storage

  • Navigate ADLS resources across multiple ADL accounts
  • Upload, download files and folders
  • Copy folders or files to the clipboard
  • Delete files and folders
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