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    Introducing the MessageOps Microsoft Online Powershell Extensions

    We are very excited to announce the initial release of the MessageOps Microsoft Online PowerShell extensions.  Our custom PowerShell extensions extend the capabilities of the standard Microsoft Online PowerShell commands, giving administrators more control and reporting capabilities in their Microsoft Online environment.  A couple of commands included in the initial release that we’d like to highlight are:

    Get-MessageOps-Messages ­– An extremely powerful command which returns messages and message details from a mailbox.  Supports several switches to find messages based on Subject, Read Status, Attachments, etc.  It returns information such as message recipients, sender information, message headers, message body, and attachment details.

    Get-MessageOps-MobileDevice- Scans a mailbox for ActiveSync and Blackberry devices and reports what it finds

    Sample ActiveSync Output from the Get-MessageOps-MobileDevice commandlet looks like:

    UserName        : user@domain.com
    SyncMethod      : ActiveSync
    PhoneModel      :
    DeviceName      : Android
    DeviceID        : droid1258677348716
    OSVersion       :
    PlatformVersion :
    TelcoProvider   :
    LastContactTime : 10/3/2010 1:59:28 PM

    Sample Blackberry Output from the Get-MessageOps-Mobile Device commandlet looks like:

    UserName        : user@domain.com
    SyncMethod      : BlackBerry
    PhoneModel      : 9650
    DeviceName      :
    DeviceID        :
    OSVersion       :
    PlatformVersion : v5.0.0.7329650
    TelcoProvider   : VerizonWireless.
    LastContactTime : 10/3/2010 4:12:07 PM

    As time goes on we’ll add additional custom commands, giving admins even more control of their Microsoft Online environment.  If you have an idea for a commandlet, let us know!

    The extensions are available to everyone as a free download. If you have any questions, please email us at support@messageops.com.  Also feel free contact us if you’d like help developing a script which uses these new commands.

    Visit the MessageOps PowerShell Extensions page for more details

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