How Big BYOD Liabilities Equal Huge Partner Opportunities.

BYOD – or Bring Your Own Device policies – is a double-edge sword. It can drive employee satisfaction, giving workers access to their device of choice. But it also presents chief security officers with a potential security nightmare that may closely reflect reality. Statistics reveal that more than half (53 percent) of companies have no BYOD policies in place, according to a recent survey by solution provider Sirius.

There is no way the dream of BYOD should ever turn into a nightmare for companies.

said Chris Pyle, president of Champion, a Boca Raton, Fla.-based solution provider.

Pyle said the study, conducted by Champion’s Message Ops business unit, surveyed 447 IT decision-makers including solution providers across a variety of industries. He said:

This is one of the first-ever real glimpses into what other companies are actually doing when it comes to BYOD. 

The survey, titled Real-World Mobile Device Security Practices, revealed that only 47 percent of organizations have formal BYOD policies. That leaves a majority of C-suite executives and their employees exposed to not just big business risks but also potential privacy leaks and compliance liability issues, he said.

The study concludes that a half-baked or no BYOD policy can force a company to make costly infrastructure investments and create unwieldy management policies. At risk, the study reports, is data security, operational integrity and regulatory compliance.

“There is no excuse not to have a BYOD policy in place,” Pyle said. For solution providers, he said, this creates new opportunities to beef up service offerings delivering mobile device management services. “I don’t care if the solution comes from VMware, Microsoft or IBM,” Pyle said. “Mobile devices are only becoming more ubiquitous, creating a bigger opportunity every day for partners,” he said.

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