We started a series called Justin’s Tech Tip of the Week on the 365Command.com blog over a month ago. Each week Justin, one of our key tech team members who solves problems for our customers all day long, shares a tip about Office 365.

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In the meantime, here’s what you missed

Shared Mailboxes Part I

We’ve been getting a lot of questions this week about what to do if you want or need to convert a full (user) Office 365 mailbox into a Shared Mailbox. Here’s a breakdown of how to Convert User (Full) Mailbox to Shared:  Read more >

Shared Mailboxes Part II

We are going to continue with our theme regarding Office 365 Shared Mailboxes. How do you create a shared mailbox from scratch and then add permissions to them? The commands below can also be used on standard, user mailboxes. Read more >

Office 365 Calendar Invites and Meeting Requests

We want to talk about Office 365 Calendar Invites and Meeting Requests Coming Across as Plain-text Email to Non-Mailbox Users within the GAL. A default setting within Office 365 that can lead to some frustration is that External Contacts and Mail-Enabled Users (not to be confused with Mailbox-enabled) will often will not receive calendar/meeting invites properly in that they arrive in the recipients’ mailboxes as simple plain-text emails that they cannot accept or decline and thus not get placed into their calendars. Read more >

Archive Mailboxes

A very useful, yet often very under-utilized feature of Office 365 is mailbox archiving, or simply setting up archive mailboxes for your users. Every organization deals with the email “hoarders” who seemingly feel the need to keep every piece of email that they have ever received since 1999. Thus, they end up having huge mailboxes that often perform very sluggishly and often test the limits of every email platform no matter if they are cloud-based like Office 365 or an on-premises solution.  Read more >

Mail Retrievals within Office 365

We learned a few things while trying to do a mail retrieval in Office 365 and wanted to share. Below are the instructions to retrieve mail that had been previously deleted from a user’s mailbox and put it into a custom folder within the Discovery Search Mailbox. Read more >

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