Leverage Gamification and MessageOps’ CROWN Platform to Boost Intranet Adoption

Leverage Gamification and MessageOps’ CROWN Platform to Boost Intranet Adoption on messageops.com

MessageOps’ CROWN intranet platform can help boost your employee training efforts.

Have you struggled to setup a learning management system that is both beneficial and easy to use by you and your employees? If so, you’re in luck, as the team at MessageOps has developed a robust platform in CROWN that can help to not only disseminate high quality information, but also encourage adoption through a variety of gamification techniques.

What is CROWN?

CROWN is a SharePoint Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you to provide your employees with dynamic learning materials across a variety of devices.

Below are just a few of the many ways CROWN can help you and your team quickly disseminate learning materials to employees within your organization.

•  Fast setup – With CROWN you can have a fully featured SharePoint Learning Management System setup in minutes.

Device agnostic – Users can access training on all types of devices including personal computers, tablets and smartphones.

Streamline your onboarding process – Easily bring on new employees through a unified learning platform.

Boost collaboration – With an intranet platform powered by SharePoint, you and your employees will easily be able to share files, store content, and collaborate using one platform, as opposed to multiple tools or platforms.

Easily create learning material – The CROWN platform allows anyone, even those without technical expertise, to create high quality learning materials.

Gamification – Encourage adoption throughout your organization with various gamification techniques that will be covered later in this blog.

How CROWN uses gamification to promote user adoption

While you may have some of the best content available within your learning platform, if your employees aren’t using it, what good is it? With a SharePoint Learning Management like CROWN, you’re able to ensure user adoption through a variety of gamification techniques.

Gamification is simply the use of game-type rewards to encourage user participation. CROWN comes pre-built with a variety of gamification methods to help ensure the learning material you’ve worked so hard to produce is actually being used by your employees.

Some of these gamification features include:

• Reward systems that will encourage users to consume as much content as possible.

• Allow users to earn badges based on the successful completion of certain learning materials.

• Share leaderboards and accomplishments to spur participation across your entire company.

• Built-in quiz and testing functionality to confirm users are not only consuming the content, but understanding it as well.

Interested in learning more about the MessageOps CROWN SharePoint Learning Management System?

By leveraging the power of SharePoint and CROWN, you’ll be able to utilize a robust gamification platform to reach your goal of disseminating as much information across your entire company as possible. Schedule a demo of CROWN to see how MessageOps can help you set up your learning system today.