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    May in Review: A Slew of Upgrades for Office 365 Were Announced Last Month

    May in Review: A Slew of Upgrades for Office 365 Were Announced Last Month on messageops.com

    Read about all of the recent improvements to O365 and learn what they mean for your growing enterprise.

    Microsoft is at it again, rolling out a host of useful updates to Office 365. If you’re looking for the low-down on all of the new ways to fully leverage the power of the platform, read on!

    Updates to Outlook

    A number of new features for Outlook – spanning platforms and devices – should help you access your email, calendar, and work tasks from anywhere. They include:

    • Better Android Wear: While Outlook for Android Wear already allows you to read email, receive notifications, and reply with certain messages or voice dictation, this update adds the ability to get a quick glance at your day from the Outlook watch face. You’ll see your schedule and emails overlaying your face automatically, as opposed to having to click to access important details.
    • Improved attachments in Skype Meetings: If you’ve attached any documents to a Skype Meeting request, they’ll now appear in the document bin as soon as meeting participants join up. All permissions for attendees are handled in the cloud.
    • Skype for Business and OneDrive integration for Android and iOS: You can more easily share links to files stored in OneDrive for Business from your iOS or Android device, and also join Skype Meetings with only the click of a button from within Outlook.
    • Improved language support for Mac users: Outlook for Mac now supports Hebrew and Arabic, as well as right-to-left language support.

    Addition of real-time chat within Office Online

    Commercial customers can now enjoy the ability to chat with users within their organization from Office Online, which includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook on the web, and OneNote. Just click on the Chat button and everyone who is accessing the document will be able to communicate.

    Support for AutoCAD 2013/2010 in Visio Pro for Office 365

    Large numbers of people from organizations around the world use Visio to document company processes and visually communicate important information. Microsoft has added the functionality for users to open AutoCAD 2010 and 2013 file formats from within Visio Pro for Office 365. This is great news for engineers, architects, and operations personnel who can now collaborate utilizing this versatile tool.

    Office 365 Improvements for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint

    Microsoft recently released its plan for the future of SharePoint, which includes a focus on cloud-based tools that enable teams to collaborate across all types of mobile and non-mobile devices. Updated apps for both iOS and Android will permit users to more easily share data.

    In addition, updates to the SharePoint mobile app aim to make your company’s intranet more accessible on the go. Access all of your company’s sites, apps, and content from an updated, easy-to-use interface on your iOS or Android device.

    Interested in learning more about the recent updates to Office 365?

    At MessageOps, we’re constantly monitoring updates to Office 365 so that we can relay this vital information to our customers. If you’re interested in the latest features of the platform, feel free to follow our blog. And should you have any questions about anything covered here, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today!

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