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    MessageOps Announces Its Latest Offering – Discovery Scout – Office 365 eDiscovery Made Easy

    Office 365 eDiscovery Made Easy with Discovery Scout

    January 7, 2014Boca Raton, FL – MessageOps, the leader in Office 365 and Azure cloud MessageOps-Announces-Its-Latest-Offering-Discovery-Scout-Office-365-eDiscovery-Made-Easy-MessageOpsmigration and management tools, today announced the unveiling of its newest offering, Discovery Scout. This ground-breaking Office 365 Outlook search software allows authorized users to easily and quickly harness the power of Office 365 to locate any email in their entire system, even if the message has been deleted and without the user needing any extensive PowerShell® scripting expertise.

    This solution is ideal for companies looking for an easy-to-use alternative to Office 365’s In-Place eDiscovery feature, enabling you to perform Electronic Discovery and litigation hold requests.

    One satisfied client praised Discovery Scout for doing a “great job on creating an easy and quick to use interface. There is definitely value to the time savings and ability for non-tech users to be able to perform searches.”

    Another stated, “Overall, I like the simple approach.  It’s easier to use than Microsoft tools”.

    In addition to everyday search and recovery needs, Discovery Scout can be a vital tool in crisis- or human resource-related situations such as locating deleted emails from an employee thought to be sharing confidential information, identifying which company accounts where compromised by an infected email, or retrieving an important folder accidentally deleted by an executive.

    Some of the key features of Discovery Scout include:

    • No need for Global Administrative rights
    • Easy to use – No PowerShell experience needed
    • Can search a single mailbox or all of the mailboxes in your environment
    • Ability to Search Mailbox Dumpster
    • Easily Customizable Search Parameters
    • Save results to any mailbox instead of the Discovery Search Mailbox

    “We are very excited to bring Discovery Scout to the Office 365 community. This innovative and user-friendly software provides an incredibly valuable, cost-effective solution, especially for companies with staff holding limited PowerShell® experience,” said Chris Pyle of MessageOps. “With Discovery Scout, even the most inexperienced Office 365 user can quickly and easily recover critical emails which would have otherwise taken hours to locate or been lost forever.”

    Best of all, Discovery Scout is free to companies who designate MessageOps as their partner of record. The product can also be licensed and supported on an annual basis. Click here to learn more about Discovery Scout .

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    MessageOps, a Champion Solutions Group company, was founded in 2009 for the sole purpose of assisting clients with their migrations to Microsoft Online and providing ongoing value after the migration. MessageOps strives to enhance their client’s Microsoft Online experience by offering great tools, tips, services and software, which extend the functionality of Microsoft Online. Whether you are looking for an Office 365 tool or service to help you migrate your mailboxes, synchronize your passwords, overcome the need to understand PowerShell, or if you are simply looking for a better way to monitor, manage, report and administer your Office 365 environment; MessageOps has the right tools and services to help you.   MessageOps was ranked among Talkin’ Cloud’s Top 100 Cloud Service Providers, and was listed in CRN’s “30 Cloud VARs That Get It”. To learn more, please visit us at www.messageops.com.

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