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    MessageOps BPOS Super User Report

    If you want more detailed reporting on your BPOS user activity this script is for you!  It allows you to gather:

    • Count of Messages Sent and Received in Last 7 days*
    • Top 5 Senders and Recipients of each user for the last 7 days, along with number of messages to sent to or received from each*
    • Mobile Device Details
    • Mailbox Size
    • Percent of Mailbox Quota Used
    • Item Count
    • Delegates on Mailbox
    • Last Time the User Sent/Received a Message

    *Assumes messages are still in mailbox

    And much more!  It also has the ability to send the report in email, using Exchange Web Services (no need for SMTP relay!) which makes it very easy to schedule on a weekly basis.

    The script relies on the MessageOps Exchange Module to gather this information, so make sure you have that installed before running the script.

    The script can be downloaded from:


    If you can think of any other information that could be gathered to make the script even more “Super”, contact us and let us know your suggestions.

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