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    MessageOps Labs Now Open!

    If you want a sneak peek at the solutions that MessageOps currently has in development, you can now check out the MessageOps Labs at www.messageops.com/labs . We plan on publishing our latest solutions here, and really hope to gather feedback from the community during the development stage.  We’ll invest more in the popular applications so please send your feedback to info@messageops.com .

    We currently have 2 very exciting solutions available for download:

    MessageOps SharePoint Migrator– Designed to be a basic SharePoint library migration tool.  It runs on a client workstation, and does not require any components to be installed on the source or target SharePoint servers.

    MessageOps Exchange PowerShell Module – This is the eventual replacement for the MessageOps PowerShell Extensions.  The new module supports BPOS, Office 365, and on premise Exchange.  If you like PowerShell, you really need to download this module and check it out.  You can do some amazing things with it, such as set folder level permissions in bulk, search mailboxes, create RSS feeds based off mailboxes and much more.

    Both solutions are available as free downloads in the labs www.messageops.com/labs .  We’d love to hear your experience with these tools, so drop us a line at info@messageops.com.

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