With just three easy steps, Office 365 Adoption helps businesses get the most out of their Office 365 investment.

MessageOps, a Microsoft Cloud business unit of Sirius, announced today the launch of their Office 365 Adoption platform, that empowers business units to adopt, consume, and realize the full business value of Office 365. MessageOps also announced the expansion of their consulting capabilities to include Change Management, a practice that further helps companies navigate the transition to Office 365.

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70 percent of Fortune 500 companies have purchased Office 365 in the past 12 months and it is Microsoft’s fastest growing commercial product ever. It is now the number one deployed app in the enterprise, with nearly 50 million monthly active users. As these organizations migrate to Office 365, they inevitably face challenges, and MessageOps has worked with thousands of companies to help them address adoption and change management issues. The Office 365 Adoption and Change Management Platform was created as a scalable way to help businesses realize the complete benefits of the productivity suite and get the most out of their investment.

Chris Pyle, Sirius CEO and MessageOps Partner, said:

The whole point of investing time and resources into Office 365 is to improve communication and boost productivity, but without a streamlined plan in place, businesses will struggle to realize the full value of the investment. We created the Office 365 Adoption platform to bridge these gaps and enable successful adoptions.

Organizations can create their own Office 365 Adoption platform in just 3 easy steps. First they choose an Office 365 vision statement and their corporate communication plan frequency. Then they gain access to a robust library of resources, an end-user self-service help desk, and more. Third, users can share the customized Office 365 Adoption Planning and Change Management Platform with their team, as well as receive on-going updates, tips, tricks, and best practices to keep all business units engaged.

Key features include a company branded platform, “How To” step-by-step learning, an Office 365 Department Guide, a Level 1-2 self-service help desk, an adoption plan, a life-long, end-user communication plan, quick start guides, business scenario identification, videos, and much more. Office 365 Adoption also includes reporting features, such as help desk reports on how many calls were resolved via the site and Web statistics on what teams are (and should be) learning about.

The Office 365 Adoption platform is available as a website or as a SharePoint app in your Office 365 environment. Having Office 365 Adoption in SharePoint encourages business units to increase their usage of their company’s SharePoint site. You can take a tour of the platform by watching the following video at Office365adoption.com.

Many businesses are already using this platform and it is quickly gaining popularity amongst Office 365 users.

MessageOps has installed hundreds of thousands of Office 365 seats for thousands of companies around the world. Through this experience, the company realized that enterprises are not realizing the suite’s full benefits and identified the important steps that create a successful adoption. For example, businesses need leadership buy-in, power users and champions, and adoption needs to be fun. Education and training are also essential, as are easy-to-access support resources. Every one of these lessons is integrated into the Office 365 Adoption platform.

Office 365 Adoption is available for a free 30 day trial. For more information, visit www.office365adoption.com.

About MessageOps

MessageOps, a Microsoft Cloud business unit of Sirius, assists clients with their migrations to Microsoft Online, as well as the consumption and adoption to provide ongoing value after the migration. MessageOps strives to enhance their client’s Microsoft Online experience by offering great tools, tips, services and software, which extend the functionality of Microsoft Online. Whether you are looking for an Office 365 tool or service to help you migrate your mailboxes, synchronize your passwords, overcome the need to understand PowerShell, or if you are looking for a better way to monitor, manage, report and administer your Office 365 environment; MessageOps has the right tools and services to help you. MessageOps has earned numerous Microsoft Cloud awards, was ranked among Talkin’ Cloud’s Top 100 Cloud Service Providers, and listed in CRN’s “30 Cloud VARs That Get It”.

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