If you’ve been looking for a solution to mail enabled document libraries in Office 365 SharePoint, the wait is over!  MessageOps SharePoint Bridge gives you the ability to copy messages that arrive in an Office 365 mailbox to a document library in SharePoint Online.

By creating rules based on the email address the message was sent to or keywords in the subject or body, a single mailbox can process messages for multiple SharePoint document libraries.  SharePoint bridge copies the entire message to SharePoint, where it’s indexed and search-able.  Additionally it creates fields in the document library for metadata like Subject, Senders, Recipients, TimeStamps, which allow you easily view, sort and filter the messages in SharePoint.

The application is currently in Beta, and free for everyone to try.  Once released it will be free to all MessageOps clients.  Non MessageOps clients can purchase the application for a one time fee.

The trial version is currently available for download.  You can get all the details at:

MessageOps SharePoint Bridge – Office 365 Edition

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