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    With the growing popularity of Office 365 and remote working environments, companies must ensure that workers located outside of their network infrastructure and firewall won’t introduce threats – such as viruses or malware – into an internal cloud-based infrastructure.

    Microsoft provides security on an infrastructure level, but it’s up to each company to make sure their data is secure at all times. Palo Alto Networks Aperture fills all security gaps effectively, giving you a complete reporting, visibility, and enforcement tool to safeguard your network and your data while keeping current with modern compliance requirements.

    • Palo Alto Networks Aperture

      Palo Alto Networks Aperture offers advanced threat protection

      Aperture is a SaaS-based tool that lives in the cloud. It connects to Office 365 to analyze user behaviors and detect violations in how data should be shared, both internally and externally.

      This tool connects to a threat intelligence cloud service called Wildfire, which looks for known threats and prevents them from spreading. If a threat is previously unknown, Aperture will send it to Wildfire, where the knowledge will be available for all users across your organization.

    • Comprehensive reporting with Aperture

      Comprehensive reporting with Aperture

      Aperture offers robust, SaaS-based reporting that offers incredible control over SaaS usage. Easily see what apps are being used, what files are being shared, and what policies are being broken with detailed reports based on each enterprise SaaS-level app that is in use within your organization.

      You have total visibility into all user, folder, and file activity. Aperture gives you the ability to know what is happening, in real-time, to assess your network’s security and quickly and precisely address any violations.

    • Aperture's contextual risk control

      Aperture’s contextual risk control

      Aperture allows you to quarantine users or files the moment that a violation occurs. This ensures enforcement and protection of critical corporate data to satisfy all data security and compliance requirements.

      Keeping up with the different standards, such as PII, PCI, FISMA, HIPAA (just to name a few) is a challenge – but Aperture gives you the tools to stay both current and totally compliant.

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