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    Microsoft 365 vs. Office 365 – What’s the Difference?

    Microsoft 365 vs. Office 365 – What’s the Difference?

    Microsoft 365 or Office 365: how should you choose?

    If you’ve been following the path of Microsoft over the past few years, you have at least heard of Office 365 if you’re not an active user. But you may not yet have heard about Microsoft 365. With the subscription-based Microsoft Office 365, customers pay a set amount per year for access to the latest version of apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more. Microsoft 365 is also a subscription-based model, but offers a number of additional applications and features that may be attractive to certain businesses.

    Apps included in Office 365

    Office 365 is a cloud-based app suite that, depending on the subscription level you purchase, gives you access to the following apps and services:

    • Word

    • Excel

    • PowerPoint

    • Outlook

    • SharePoint

    • Skype for Business

    • Teams

    • Planner

    • Yammer

    What about Microsoft 365?

    Microsoft 365 is a relatively new subscription suite that includes Office 365 as well as Windows 10 Enterprise, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), and access to machine learning technologies.

    Office 365 alone is largely focused on the applications that you use on a daily basis, whereas Microsoft 365 adds the Windows operating system itself as well as a variety of security and machine learning tools that will be attractive to growing organizations. As is the case with Office 365, Microsoft 365 has a variety of different plans depending on your needs. If you’re only looking to purchase some of the components included in one of the Microsoft 365 plans, you can still purchase these licenses separately.

    How to know what is right for your business?

    Deciding between Office 365 and Microsoft 365 can be difficult. It’s important to think about whether you’d like the all-encompassing licensing arrangement of Microsoft 365, or if you’d rather purchase Office 365 and any operating system or security licenses separately. Whatever option you choose, it may be worth talking to a Microsoft Partner like MessageOps to determine what makes the most sense from a financial and productivity standpoint.

    Office 365 and Microsoft 365 are always improving

    Whatever decision you make, it’s important to realize that both the Office 365 and Microsoft 365 platforms are constantly improving. Microsoft is constantly adding new features and apps that make their cloud-based ecosystem even more beneficial for growing businesses. This means that while you are paying either annually or monthly for access to these apps, you’re constantly gaining new features that wouldn’t be available otherwise. In addition, you’ll always have access to the latest Office 365 and Windows applications to ensure that your team members remain secure at all times in the face of growing cyber threats.

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