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    Microsoft 365 Updates: You Can Now Archive Non-Microsoft Data

    Microsoft 365 Updates: Archive Non-Microsoft DataLearn how to Archive Non-Microsoft Data with this Microsoft 365 Update

    Ensuring compliance with company and regulatory policies is harder these days than it ever was before. What once covered basic email communication now includes instant messages, social media, blogs, collaboration platforms and more.. As regulatory policies continue to change, your business will need to find ways to cover and account for all of these items. With Office 365, Microsoft has created an archiving system that allows businesses to do this easily. It originally covered documents used in SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business and email, of course. But customers wanted more – especially a to utilize archiving for data that comes from non-Microsoft sources. Microsoft has met their demand. It’s now possible to archive elements such as messaging data and social media as well.

    How Does It Work?

    Microsoft recently announced two new partnerships with vendors who offer archiving capabilities – Globanet and Actiance. Actiance will allow for real-time enforcement of policies, as well as being able to capture information from more than 70 of the top social media platforms, along with IM, unified communications and collaboration utilities. Globanet has a social media and message capture platform that improves archiving as well as eDiscovery, email, social media, mobile text communications and more. These partnerships will allow Office 365 to utilize their tracking solutions to cover many different data sources that are coming from third parties. Some of the sources that will now be able to be archived include:

    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Yahoo Messenger
    • GoogleTalk
    • Dropbox
    • SalesForce
    • Text messaging from BlackBerry

    Now that these and other platforms can be archived, businesses will no longer have to find, implement and track multiple third party services. They will be able to do everything they need right through their interface with Office 365. It’s also going to be very easy to do. Partners are ensuring that their products will work simply with Office 365 to minimize the learning curve that comes with adopting a new system. All incoming data will flow into the system’s auto-expanding archives, where it can be logged and tracked thanks to the auditing tools that are available in the system. Customers will be able to capture data from all of these different sources immediately. And since it will work just like the other features currently used for archiving and compliancethey’ll also be able to utilize tools they are already familiar with – eDiscovery and Equivio Analytics – when they are searching, previewing and reviewing the data. In addition, they’ll be able to determine how long they want to retain different types of data. For example, they may want to delete information from a certain source, such as Twitter, after a defined period, perhaps a year.

    When Will It Be Available?

    These features are not available yet, but there is an early preview system that’s up. It should be available to more users soon, and estimates are that it will be out and ready to go within the next few months. If you’re interested in the new archiving system that’s possible with Office 365, become part of the testing program and see how easy maintaining compliance can really be.

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