STP will detail how Microsoft manages security, compliance and privacy within Office 365

Business risks and regulatory compliance are in a constant state of evolution, which leaves many potential and existing Microsoft customers wondering how Office 365 architecture complies with regulations and how Microsoft ensures the security of all data on the service.

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The Office 365 Service Trust Portal

To improve transparency, understanding and assessments, Microsoft has launched the Office 365 Service Trust Portal (STP). STP is a service feature within Office 365 that provides customers and those considering the platform with more insight into how Microsoft manages security, compliance and privacy.

Understand, evaluate, learn

These insights allow organizations to understand O365 architecture, evaluate how O365 maintains compliance with specific regulatory requirements and learn how they can mitigate the risks associated with switching to the O365 platform.

Microsoft’s commitment to transparency and leading cloud service delivery

The Office 365 Team says:

To continue as a leader in cloud service delivery, we know that transparency is key to gaining your trust. We believe that by being transparent with you on how we protect your data, how we ensure that it is always available, how we maintain compliance with various global standards, and how we adhere to strict privacy commitments, we will continue to have a trust-based partnership with you.

Access to compliance reports and trust resources

According to the Microsoft Office article, STP gives you direct access to a variety of compliance reports and trust resources, including:

  • Office 365 SOC 1 / SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402 Independent Audit Reports
  • Office 365 SOC 2 / AT 101 Independent Audit Report
  • Office 365 ISO 27001 (including 27018 controls) Independent Audit Report
  • Various compliance reports, such as Office 365 Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Various GRC and Trust resources, such as whitepapers, FAQs, security assessment, risk assessment and other reports that will help you perform your own risk assessment

Access the O365 Service Trust Portal

Both existing customers and those simply evaluating the platform can access STP. Simply ask your O365 company administrator to log into the Service Trust Portal.

Once the admin has logged in, he or she can provide STP access to any user in your organization. When you authenticate using your O365 credentials, you’ll have direct access to all of the valuable information STP provides. Organizations who are still evaluating the platform can use their O365 trial credentials to easily access STP.

Microsoft is taking questions, comments and offering a detailed onboarding guide for STP through [email protected].

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