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    Microsoft Announces Office 365 Video

    Microsoft has announced the first of many NextGen Portals in Office 365: Office 365 Video.

    Office 365 video will initially roll out to Office 265 first release customers, but it is expected to be deployed to all Office 365 customers worldwide by early 2015.

    So what does Office 365 video bring to viewers, channel managers and admins? A beautiful user interface with an easy-to-manage approach.

    Video is one of the most powerful mediums of communication. Office 365 Video provides organizations with a secure, company-wide destination for posting, sharing and discovering video content.

    With a beautiful user interface and intuitive content management options, Office 365 Video is designed to meet the requirements of IT and win the hearts and minds of users. Powered by Azure Media Services—the same service used during the Olympics (6,000 plus hours of video in 18 days)—Office 365 Video benefits from adaptive smooth streaming technology optimizing video playback for the device it’s being viewed on. It, too, leverages Yammer and the Office Graph to deliver a social, personalized experience within Office 365.

    Let’s explore the four core elements of Office 365 Video: simplicity, discoverability and share’ability, mobile, and built-in security and easy to manage.


    To upload a video, content owners simply drag and drop their video files into the web user interface—or upload from their mobile device—type a title and description, and let the service take care of the rest. You can upload a wide variety of video file types. The service then generates a standardized set of playback files for fast, easy viewing.

    Microsoft Announces Office 365 Video

    Discoverability and Share’ability

    Videos are easily searchable via enterprise search, with a dedicated search experience in the video portal already scoped to show only video results. All uploaded videos are discoverable in Office Delve (similar to documents, videos are automatically fed into the Office Graph).

    Microsoft Announces Office 365 Video  2


    People will be able to view and share videos within Office 365 on any device. They can easily navigate the home page and channels to find and view content, and even upload new videos from their device.

    Microsoft Announces Office 365 Video 3

    Built-in Security and Easy to Manage

    It’s very easy to set the permissions for the home page leveraging the same Active Directory powering authentication in all areas of Office 365. This same governance model enables admins to manage permissions for each channel. Channels are easy to create and assign delegated owner(s)—or channel managers—who can then manage their own content and specific set of permissions.
    Microsoft Announces Office 365 Video 4
    Throughout the Office 365 Video portal, everything is encrypted and secure by design; that’s encryption at-rest and encryption in-transit. Adhering to the Office 365 Trust Center commitments, a company’s videos are kept isolated and encrypted in all locations, and are only available to authenticated employees that have access and permissions to their company videos.

    So what does Office 365 have in store for us in the near future?

    Microsoft is already hard at work planning what comes next to Office 365 Video, which will roll out to the service automatically when the new features are ready. They will focus on broader mobile device coverage, “publish to” scenarios like using Office Mix to publish training content into Office 365 Video, recommendations powered by Office Graph, ability to embed videos elsewhere in your intranet, captions, the ability to create collections and share them, and always monitoring performance and solid upload experiences and means to improve overall.

    Your business flourishes when all employees are informed, working together and aligned to the same important goals. Office 365 Video is just the first of numerous NextGen Portals to come to Office 365—portals to best support your corporate intranet needs, your knowledge management requirements, and facilitate how people and groups can best represent themselves—all designed to be mobile, engaging, intelligent and ready to go–for you. Click here to learn more about Office 365 video.

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