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    Microsoft Delivers Preview of new Azure IoT Software as a Service

    Microsoft Delivers Preview of new Azure IoT Software as a Service

    Simplify your IoT product with a fully managed Azure SaaS solution.

    For those looking to jump on the IoT (Internet of Things) bandwagon, Microsoft has recently announced a public preview of Microsoft IoT Central, its IoT software-as-a-service powered by Azure. This is one of two Microsoft Azure SaaS powered services. The other, which is dubbed Azure IoT Suite, is much more complicated to set up, but does offer significant flexibility.

    What is Microsoft IoT Central?

    Until recently, Microsoft customers who were looking to leverage the power of IoT on Azure needed to use the Azure IoT Suite, which took significant time to set up. Some customers have reported needing at least a year to test out and begin to fully use this service. Microsoft saw this as a problem, which is why Microsoft IoT Central was released.

    With Microsoft IoT Central, IoT is finally within reach for the average company or enterprise. IoT Central is built in such a way that it can instantly connect to its own services like Office 365, but also third-party SaaS tools like Salesforce, SAP and many others.

    The goal of Microsoft IoT Central is for customers to be able to get up and running in a matter of minutes, as opposed to days or months.

    Primary benefits of Microsoft IoT Central

    Below are just a few of the many benefits of IoT Central:

    • Easy to setup and use – Get started in just a few minutes, and have a working solution in a matter of days.

    • Zero cloud dev experience needed – Developers need not have any cloud development expertise.

    • Scalable – Simply connect your devices and Azure will handle the rest while ensuring world class security.

    • Enterprise-level tools – IoT Central is built on Microsoft Azure’s enterprise-grade services that can be fully integrated into your existing processes and systems.

    Importance of security with Azure SaaS services built for IoT

    IoT is no doubt the wave of the future, allowing companies to cut costs, boost revenue, and completely reshape how they do business. However, because IoT can often utilize sensitive data, it’s imperative that privacy, security, and compliance are always a top priority.

    IoT Central powered by the Microsoft Azure SaaS platform offers end-to-end security, so you’ll have complete peace of mind when connecting your products and sharing data.

    Scale with a fully managed IoT SaaS solution

    Thanks to Azure, Microsoft IoT Central enables customers to seamlessly scale their IoT solutions from a few select devices to many thousands as your needs change. As you add more products, IoT Central will adapt to meet your needs and allow you to perform tests to ensure your infrastructure is able to handle the added demand. Focus on creating world-class connected IoT products and leave the infrastructure planning and implementation to the pros at Azure.

    Interested in learning more about launching IoT products in the cloud?

    If you’re developing IoT products, we understand that you’re on the cutting edge of technology. However, we also understand that IoT products can be extremely resource intensive, which is where Azure’s robust platform can help. If you’re interested in learning more about combining the power of your IoT products with Azure’s world class fully managed SaaS solution, connect with the experts at MessageOps today.

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