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    Microsoft Azure Is Growing

    Microsoft Azure Is Growing on messageops.com

    What this means for your business

    Announced in 2008, Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service project that performs a litany of services for a global consumer base. Though Microsoft has been made famous for its development of efficient yet affordable personal computing hardware and software to match, the Azure network proves that the tech giant is not only seizing on the newest trends in the computing space but leading the pack.

    Formerly referred to as Windows Azure, Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s version of a decentralized system where information is shared en mass across the internet that you can access from any device wirelessly.

    By using this service, you can stream multimedia, host websites, analyze data, produce novel applications or other services, as well as save, back up and recover data using the same cloud service provider.

    This cloud rises above the rest

    Made generally available to the public in 2010, Microsoft Azure has since received numerous upgrades and additions that have led to its financial success in the years since. To be specific, Microsoft’s stock has seen a consistent and considerable rise, higher than what had been anticipated throughout the entirety of 2016. Although other factors likely contributed to this, one of the most noteworthy was the revenue generated by Azure.

    In addition to demonstrating that Microsoft isn’t just limited to manufacturing desktops and outsourcing code development, the financial success of Azure demonstrates that Microsoft can still compete with internet innovators like Amazon and their AWS cloud service platform. Notably, this isn’t surprising considering the different features and benefits that Azure has over Amazon’s competing service.

    Furthermore, a full decade since its reveal to the public, the financial growth of Azure can still be seen. Although Microsoft’s specific revenue figures have not yet been released for this quarter, the continuing rise in their stock has been largely attributed to the success of the Azure network.

    Although the future is difficult to predict, with a series of fantastic business growth-oriented features already incorporated and more to come, the value of Microsoft Azure is bound to continue to increase.

    How exactly will Azure help your business?

    Like all other cloud services, Azure allows for nearly instantaneous transmission and retrieval of data between devices wirelessly. Unlike other forms of cloud computing, Azure’s ambitious designers have produced a cloud network that can serve business people from anywhere in the world. Already operating in fifty regions around the world, the first set of Azure data centers have been opened up in Africa this year, with more slated to be open later.

    As a result, this means that your business will have greater opportunities to grow and scale on a global level without having to deal with a considerable increase in networking cost. However, despite the size of Azure’s network, it still operates at lightning speed, so there’s no need to worry about capacity planning.

    Even if you have never used cloud computing before, Azure is designed to be easy to learn. This is because the system is integrated with another Microsoft service, Visual Studio, to cut down on the learning curve and make application development considerably easier.

    Moving on, to keep your business safe from data loss, Azure uses three forms of disaster recovery: regional and global fail-over options, a hot or cold standby model, and rolling reboots. On the related note of security, Azure uses a single sign-on system to easily gain access to your data and applications without having to use a series of passwords.

    Furthermore, Microsoft, and by extension, the Azure cloud, has more security and privacy accolades than any other competing company in the tech sector. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about spending money on an additional pricey cloud protection service.

    Do you want to achieve even more success using Microsoft products?

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