Canada, as a major sovereign entity in the world, has confidential data that it must protect. Government and public sector organizations must ensure that the storage and processing of such data comply with Canadian requirements. At the same time, cloud computing with its limitless potential offers advantages not only to government agencies, but also to commercial enterprises of all sizes – notably, power, capacity, reliability, scalability, and affordability. The question is: how can the cloud meet Canadian national needs, without hampering its performance and the benefits for different users?

Azure Canada Opens Doors with Data Residency in Canada

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The answer is to provide enterprise-grade, hyper-scale public cloud infrastructure specifically for Canada. Microsoft Azure Canada now does exactly that, from local data center regions in Toronto and Quebec, epicenters of Canadian public and private sector activity. Azure Canada removes a barrier that previously prevented enterprises and organizations from making the most of what cloud services can offer. Data residency for the cloud-based Microsoft Office services (Office 365) is part of the package too.

The Best of the Cloud, Backed Up by Continuity and Fast Connections

With Azure Canada, users within the Canadian territory can be assured of industrial-strength protection and availability of their data. They get the guarantee of privacy and control, ensuring their data cannot be used in ways they do not approve. They also get the transparency that lets them see how their data is being handled. In addition, Azure Canada provides built-in compliance for the data of users, enterprises, and organizations with relevant standards and regulations.

There are also two further advantages. The first is data redundancy over multiple Canadian sites to reinforce business continuity. The second is the option of Azure ExpressRoute for fast, private connections to the cloud. These connections use paths within Canada that avoid the public internet, also known as Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). The results are improved performance in speed and latency and enhanced reliability.

Actions Speak Louder than Words – Customer Use of Azure Canada

Many key Canadian entities have been quick to seize the opportunities that Azure Canada brings. Public sector customers like the Province of Nova Scotia, the Province of New Brunswick, the City of Regina, and the City of Brampton, are now using the Canadian Microsoft Azure cloud for a range of innovative and cost-effective solutions. Enterprises large and small are also leveraging Azure Canada to become nimbler and faster than their competition, thanks to an increasingly comprehensive set of analytics, database, mobile, processing, and web services.

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