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    Microsoft Azure Product Updates: Updated search and NoSQL data services, encoders for Media Services and more

    New updated search and NoSQL data services, encoders for Media Services from Microsoft Azure.

    Microsoft Azure Product Updates - Updated search and NoSQL data services, encoders for Media Services and more - MessageOps

    Microsoft Azure product Updates announced new services and updates across big data and Media Services designed to help customers in their business transformation journey.  Here are some highlights you will be interested in:  To read the original article from Microsoft, please click here.

    Building cloud designed apps to gain insights from data

    Services include NoSQL, which is emerging as the database technology that allows developers to build cloud base applications that support multiple platforms and different current versions for users to create content, loT, and gaming scenarios

    Moreover, you have the new Azure DocumentDB, which will be available after April 8, 2015, and will offer rich query and transactional processing over a schema-free JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data model that allows fast development and high performing applications. DocumentDB will include three standard performance levels. Different collections of data within can be assigned to different performance levels to tune for performance levels needed.

    Also recently available is the general availability of Azure Search. This is the new solution for developer to implement advanced search options for web and mobile applications. This tool provides a search option where full text is not needed, hence reducing the friction and making the search option a more optimal tool for customers.

    Part of the updates include:

    • Support for 50 languages
    • Easier data load from DatabaseDB
    • Azure SQL database
    • SQL server on Azure VMs to Azure Search (using new indexers)
    • .Net Software Development Kit (SDK)

    Some of these options are free of charge, and other levels of services are also available. Click here for more details.

    Additionally, Microsoft is releasing Azure Media Services Premium Encoder, which enables capabilities for premium-on-demand media workflows. Part of the updates include automated decision-making logic that adapts to a variety of input file formats, support for additional input and output codex and file formats, and a powerful workflow design tool. It is now also completely integrated with Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN). This means that while one tools will grant you fast encoding, the other will grant fast provision of edge services for global reach and better performance.

    As for virtual machines, you will now find them available in sizes for computer intense applications, typically available in A10 and A11 instances that process faster with more virtual cores, more power and larger capacity for memory. A10 instances have 8 virtual cores and 56 GB of RAM, while A11 instances have 16 virtual cores and 112 GB of RAM. Having this capacity makes video encoding, risk modeling and simulations better solutions for businesses. Click here for more details on what A10 and A11 instances can do for you.

    Finally, we cannot leave security out. Azure Active Directory now allows groups that are assigned in share applications to enhance the password process through a public preview that allows customers to automatically change the application password with randomly created strong complex passwords, in custom intervals.

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