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    Microsoft Azure Updates

    Microsoft Azure Updates by Messageops.com




    The Azure Preview has been an outstanding success for those involved in the program, as well as for Microsoft. The company is taking feedback and implementing it with all new updates and added features that help to make the system better and more useful for users.

    They recently announced a number of upcoming changes to the platform, including improvements to navigation and browsing, as well as the ability to create an empty resource group and use custom templates.

    Let’s look at each of these changes to see what they will really bring to the platform and why they are good for Azure’s users.

    Improvements to the Navigation

    You’ll see that there is a brand new navigation bar in the system. Breadcrumbs and fast access features allow you to begin customizing the system quickly.

    Breadcrumbs will let you know where you are in the system and the path you took to get there in the event that you need to do a bit of backtracking quickly and easily.

    They’ve also made it easier to customize the system and find the customization settings. Now, all you need to do is click on the Customize icon next to your name.

    In previous versions of the system, the user menu was only available through the Startboard. The newest iteration will allow you to see the directory you’ve signed into and change the settings with just a few clicks. While this might seem like a small feature, it really does help to speed up the process of using the system.

    There have also been some changes to the jump bar. The Browse All button is now below Home, the Help feature has been renamed as Support, and Audit Logs are available right from the Notifications tab.

    Browsing Improvements

    The improved Browse feature allows you go through the various resources quickly and easily, making it much faster to find exactly what you need.

    The new Refresh command will allow users to refresh a single list rather than refreshing the entire portal.

    The addition of a Recently Used Resources category makes using the system much faster and more intuitive. You’ll be able to remove items from this if you don’t want them there. You’ll also be able to create new resources using the Add command.

    While this feature will eventually be available for all resources, it currently supports:

    • App Service Environments
    • Application Insights
    • Cloud Services
    • DocumentDB
    • MySQL
    • NewRelic
    • Resource Groups
    • Search
    • Web Apps

    Other Features

    You’re now able to create resource groups through the Browse and Add commands, as well as through the Marketplace, simply by searching for the term resource group.

    It is also possible to configure and manage the Resource Manager Template and track in-progress operations.

    You can use an existing template and specify various parameters through the Edit Parameters section.

    There are a number of templates currently available on GitHub that have been contributed by the community. You can use these or create and contribute your own. Community templates are also available at Azure.com.

    While these robust new features are enough to make any Azure user happy, Microsoft has a number of other new features they say are coming soon. As Microsoft works toward their goal of making the user experience simpler and more intuitive for their customers, they’ll continue to develop features that improve the overall performance of the Azure system

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