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    Microsoft Cloud RoadMap

    Learn about updates you can expect to find on the Microsoft Cloud roadmap

    In the past we have shared the Office365 business roadmap site.  Microsoft has developed a new roadmap for the Microsoft Cloud Platform.   The Microsoft Cloud RoadMap provides a snapshot of what is being worked on in the Cloud Platform business. Use the roadmap to find out what has recently been made generally available, released into public preview, are still developing and testing, or are no longer developing.  In general, the Microsoft Cloud Roadmap includes:

    • Cloud infrastructure
    • Enterprise Mobility
    • Data Management and Analytics
    • Application Development
    • Internet of Things

    If you want to keep up to date on what is coming down the road, we believe you will find this Microsoft Cloud Roadmap a great resource.   Remember that the Microsoft community is always updating Office365links.com with the  best links on the web for Office 365 and Azure.

    Microsoft Cloud Roadmap

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