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    Microsoft introduces “The Office Graph” as a new feature to Office 365

    Microsoft has geared up to make some big changes to the overall look and the function of Office 365. Microsoft is introducing a new featured called “The Office Graph.” The Office Graph is designed to serve as a “machine learning” piece within Office 365. If the Office Graph looks or sounds familar, it is designed to essentially serve as an extension of the Enterprise Graph featured on Yammer. Simply put, the Office Graph can analyze content, user interactions, and activity streams, as it maps the relationship among these technologies so that it can surface the most relevant content for each user. Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Office Server Services, described the intention of the Office Graph, “We want software to learn from an organization and show you what’s relevant to you.”

    Another noteworthy addition is the new Oslo, which can present content to users in a variety of views. Oslo will be available for Office 365 users as soon as the second half of the 2014 year.




    Inline Social is also one to keep an eye out for! Inline Social as a part of SharePoint Online and OneDrive, will enable users to have conversations right inside a document. In addition there is the Office 365 Video Portal, which provides users the ability to upload, store, stream, and discover videos in a secure way.

    To read even more about the announcements and changes prepped for Office 365 click here.

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