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    Microsoft Office 365 Updates: Announcing Compliance Toolset for Public Folders

    Microsoft Office 365 Updates: Announcing Compliance Toolset for Public Folders by Messageopsblog.com

    Learn about the Recent Office 365 Update Announcing Compliance Toolset for Public Folders

    Office 365 has a reputation for providing a wide range of tools that help to make sharing and communication easier for businesses. Some of the most beneficial tools include Exchange for email, SharePoint, and OneDrive for business documents.

    Since a number of users store information in the Exchange’s public folders, there needed to be a better solution that improved compliance in Office 365 that extended to these public folders as well. In the past, the only way to achieve this was to utilize external archiving, which proved to be a hassle for many customers.

    Changes to Office 365’s Archiving System

    The eDiscovery toolset is now going to include public folders, which means you’ll now be able to put your public folder content “on hold” and preserve that information.

    For companies that need to keep certain information available to comply with regulatory or legal requirements, this will feature will prove extremely useful.

    A number of eDiscovery tasks can now be performed on public folder data. You can search, preview, and export files and data. You can preserve the entire folder or search for a keyword and preserve only specific content within the folders..

    You’ll also be able to delete items from public folders. So, for example, if there’s old information that is no longer relevant, you’ll be able to find and delete the information simply and quickly.

    Admin-level users will be able to view all audits and activity that takes place on the system for improved visibility and control.

    Best of all, using the folder is still just as simple and intuitive as it has always been. These new updates simply add some more useful features to make it easier for you to use the system you need.

    Using the System

    As mentioned, using eDiscovery is uncomplicated. You will specify public folders as the source to search. Much of the architecture in place is similar to the Recoverable Items feature Microsoft already utilizes with their regular mailboxes. You’re able to preserve information without risking any changes. The Discovery Holds folder will store the information so that it is discoverable and accessible during eDiscovery searches, but will prevent end users from accessing or editing the data.

    Roll Out

    As with most features and updates that come from Microsoft to Office 365, they generally release it to everyone on the platform shortly after announcing the changes. This means that these options should be available to users sometime within the next few weeks and likely before the end of July.

    This feature has the potential to help a number of businesses and individuals who use the Office 365 tools. Microsoft has a great history of supporting and updating their products to make them better and more accessible to the users, and this is no exception. Keep watching for new announcements and updates coming to Office 365 tools.

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