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    Microsoft PowerShell Becomes Open Source – Heading to Linux and Mac

    Learn about the burgeoning open source PowerShell community that is good news for IT admins across all operating systems

    Since Satya Nadella took the helm of Microsoft in February of 2014, the company has taken a reinvigorated approach to innovation and openness. What once was seen as a traditionally rigid organization has been transformed into a company that is firmly focused on openness and innovation in the cloud. This transformation has spurred Microsoft to begin offering more products across all operating systems, not just its loyal Windows user base.

    One of the products that has long been used by IT admins in Windows environments has been PowerShell. Now, users across all operating systems, including Linux and Mac, can enjoy some of the unique flexibility that’s available for IT professionals looking to use this versatile tool.

    What is PowerShell?

    PowerShell is a free programming language that was originally created for Microsoft Windows. It was designed to automate various system tasks and allow organizations to create system management tools for frequently-accessed processes. PowerShell is a command line driven language, and is similar to Perl. It comes prepacked with a large number of command line tools that would otherwise require programmers to create scripts in other programming languages to perform the same functionality.

    These pre-packaged scripts in PowerShell are referred to as ‘cmdlets’ and make performing many repetitive tasks of IT administrators much easier. Common examples of PowerShell use cases include scripts to perform user functions, reboot workstations, send warnings to all open sessions, perform a massive user sessions reset, and much more.

    PowerShell goes open source

    Within the past few months, many open source fans have been excited to see the announcement that PowerShell is now available as on open source project on GitHub. This means that users can now use PowerShell on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

    Making PowerShell available to the masses shows Microsoft’s move towards transparency

    One of the best parts of any open source project is that it creates an instant community where users from all around the world can contribute ideas, which often lead to a much more robust product. This is what has allowed open source operating systems like Linux to gain worldwide appeal. Now that PowerShell is completely open source, users will likely see much quicker development and be a part of the feedback loop of new features and bug fixes. This speed of development would be unheard of in a typical software development arrangement.

    Interested in getting involved in the PowerShell community?

    At MessageOps, we’re excited to see what is ahead for the PowerShell community. All PowerShell development is now being done on GitHub, and if you’re interested in being a part of this project, we encourage you to get involved. As Microsoft continues to build its open source PowerShell community, we’ll be ready to ensure our enterprise customers are putting these versatile tools to good use in their IT environments.

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