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    Microsoft Project Online Sees Boost in Number of Supported Projects

    Microsoft Project Online Sees Boost in Number of Supported Projects on messageops.com

    Learn about new features that vastly boost the number of projects supported within Microsoft Project Online.

    As is the case with most Office 365 apps, Microsoft Project Online is constantly receiving updates to offer new features and flexibility for the large number of companies that rely on this project management tool to manage their day to day chaos.

    Up until recently, Project Online had a limitation of only being able to access 5,000 projects. Thankfully based on a recent update, this online project management tool can now handle up to 30,000 projects, a sixfold increase.

    Why should users be excited about this additional support?

    Previous users of Project Online were hamstrung by the 5,000 project limitation. Now, users can access up to 30,000 projects in the cloud, which offers plenty of space and flexibility to effectively manage projects of all types and sizes within your organization.

    Performance boosts help to manage larger project load

    When you’re going from managing 5,000 projects to 30,000, there obviously could be some performance issues that may emerge if developers are not cognizant of the additional resources necessary to handle this significant increase. Thankfully, Microsoft engineers have added a number of performance improvements that should ease the management of projects within this versatile Office 365 application.

    If you’re familiar with Project Online, you likely also are familiar with project sites, sometimes also referred to as collaboration sites or subsites. In previous versions of Project Online, there was a strict limit of 2,000 project sites. With this latest update, there’s now a one-to-one relationship between project sites and projects.

    More projects = more data

    In addition to the performance improvements listed above, Microsoft engineers had to think long and hard about how to more efficiently handle the large amounts of data from the boost in supported projects within Project Online. When users go to the Project Center page, Project Online is performing a variety of complex calculations in the background, such as total cost of all projects, which takes time to process, especially with a larger number of projects. Now users are able to disable Gantt charts and rollup groups, which should give you the project data you need much faster, especially when you’re dealing with larger numbers of projects.

    In addition, Microsoft has improved the amount of time it takes to display a list of projects within Project Center and also significantly improved the custom filtering feature to help you find the right project data much faster.

    Learn more about Project Online from MessageOps

    The MessageOps team is constantly perusing industry resources to keep an eye on any new features being added to Office 365 applications like Microsoft Project. Should you have any additional questions about Project Online, feel free to reach out to our experienced team today. If you’re currently using the desktop version of Project and looking to move to the cloud, we’d be happy to show you the many benefits you and your organization can enjoy by making the switch.

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