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    Microsoft Quietly Growing Their Cloud Computing Business is Good News for Your Organization

    Microsoft Quietly Growing Their Cloud Computing Business is Good News for Your Organization on messageops.com

    The future is bright for Microsoft’s cloud computing business as their market share continues to grow.

    When Satya Nadella took the helm as CEO of Microsoft in 2014, his goal was to rethink how the company did business. One of the areas that he placed significant focus on was cloud computing. This focus has paid handsome dividends for the company and has allowed the Redmond giant to now dominate 11% of the total public cloud market, according to recently released data from Synergy Research Group. While still trailing behind Amazon, who commands 34% of the market, Microsoft saw the largest market share growth out of any of the large cloud providers in the second quarter of 2017, which is great news for the company who entered the cloud computing scene much later than their Seattle-based competitor.

    Microsoft’s cloud computing growth is good news for businesses

    There are a number of reasons why Microsoft’s growth in the cloud computing ecosystem is welcome news for businesses of all sizes. A few of the most common reasons include:

    More competition is good for everyone

    For years, Amazon dominated the cloud computing arena, which left companies with little options for additional providers. Thankfully, over the past several years Microsoft, Google, IBM and other companies have jumped into the cloud computing business to attempt to dethrone Amazon from its long reign as king of the entire industry.

    This competition has forced everyone in the industry to constantly innovate and reduce prices, which has significantly benefited enterprise customers. Because of the way that cloud providers charge for access to their servers, many times it’s now cheaper for organizations to spin up servers in the cloud than it is to purchase and procure the necessary infrastructure to host them in-house.

    Azure offers tight integration with wide range of Windows services

    While Amazon may have the largest market share when it comes to cloud computing, Microsoft still dominates when it comes to operating system preference in the enterprise. With Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing arm, organizations can easily integrate their existing Windows-based systems with the cloud. Each Azure service tightly integrates with Windows to allow users to quickly migrate to the cloud.

    Azure offers the most regions among cloud providers

    Azure allows organizations to instantly have global scale, thanks to its 42 regions, more than any other cloud provider. With this unmatched flexibility, organizations can quickly and easily spin up servers in the region of their choice.

    Support for open cloud technologies

    Another initiative that has been top of mind since Satya Nadella took over at Microsoft is support for open source technologies. In the past Microsoft was not a big fan of open source technologies, but this has all changed. In fact, Azure offers full support for a wide array of open source tools and frameworks including many varieties of Linux.

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