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    Microsoft Releases Delve App for Windows 10


    Microsoft Releases Delve App for Windows 10 on messageops.com

    Using Delve? Microsoft has released a Windows 10 app for easier integration

    Office 365 users should will be glad to hear that Microsoft has recently released a dedicated Delve app for Windows 10 PCs. While many users have become accustomed to using Delve via a web browser, the release of a dedicated Windows 10 app opens up an array of possibilities for Office 365 enterprise users.

    What is Office Delve?

    If you’re new to the world of Office 365, or simply haven’t explored all of the tools offered through this cloud-based platform, Delve is an app for Office 365 users that basically acts as a hub where you can access information and data from other Office 365 services such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, and more.

    Not only does Office Delve offer you an easy way to access relevant information, but the ‘secret sauce’ is in how this information is presented to Office 365 users. Thanks to Delve’s intuitive features, you’re presented with the people and the information that is most relevant to you at any given time.

    All of this information is then presented in a card-based design that is both intuitive and user friendly.

    How are organizations using Delve?

    Delve helps employees keep track of and find information that’s important to them, regardless of where it is stored in Office 365. You can easily find information about other employees and in turn help other employees find information about you.

    Have you ever wasted time trying to find a document that is stored somewhere on your machine? We all have! With Delve, you no longer need to remember the title of a document, or even where it is stored. Delve shows you documents no matter where they’re stored, which saves time when trying to access information.

    One key point related to Delve is that it never changes any permissions. Users only have access to documents that they’ve already been able to access. Your private documents are still your private documents.

    Why is a Delve app for Windows 10 so important?

    Prior to the release of the Delve app for Windows 10, users of this platform would have to access information through their web browsers or mobile devices. While this is not a hindrance for some, others prefer a dedicated app. Microsoft has yet to officially announce the app, but we’re sure that many of our enterprise customers will enjoy the versatility and ease of use that comes with this dedicated Windows 10 application.

    Interested in learning more about how the Delve app can streamline your organization?

    Microsoft is constantly looking for ways to improve collaboration across the entire Office 365 ecosystem. Office Delve is just one of the ways that Microsoft is helping today’s global organizations stay organized and nimble. If you’d like more information about Office Delve and how it could be beneficial to your organization, feel free to reach out to our team at 877-788-1617 or through our contact form.

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