Team Captain


The Team Captain platform by MessageOps simplifies and automates the manual approach to governing, managing and providing productivity insights of a company's Microsoft Teams environment. Start a 14-day Free Trial of this easy-to-use Microsoft Teams governance platform today!

A single pane of glass into your Teams environment with at-a-glance statistics

Are you looking to control Teams sprawl? Is governing your Teams environment important to you? Would you like to eliminate the manual process needed to review external access for each of your teams? MessageOps developed Team Captain, a simple and easy-to-use Microsoft Teams governance platform that simplifies and automates the manual approach to governing and securing your company’s Teams environment.

No manual's easy!

Global administrators for Office 365 can simply login with Office 365 credentials to get statistics to make better business decisions.

  • One window into your Teams environment
  • Control Teams sprawl
  • Simplified push-button Team archiving
  • Easily identify Teams by department
  • Easy to set up and implement Teams policies
  • Know how many files are being shared outside your company
  • Hold team owners accountable with automated policy-based external sharing reviews

A graphically-friendly dashboard lets you easily filter by and view key statistics

All up Teams Statistics

  • Total number of Teams your organization has
  • Total # of external users
  • Total number of active Teams
  • Total number of inactive Teams
  • Total number of orphaned Teams
  • Total number of archived Teams
  • Total number of new Teams by creation data
  • Total number of public Teams
  • Total number of private Teams

Detailed Teams Insights

  • Granular filtering search
  • Identify Teams without owners
  • Applications being used in a Team
  • Last activity by data range
  • Overall Company view
  • Teams by Department
  • Teams by Individual
  • Devices being used

Microsoft Teams Manager
Microsoft Teams Productivity Report

Team Captain's POWER BI Productivity Dashboard provides trended analysis that can be viewed over time on an overall company, department, or user basis reflecting:

  • The number of Team calls
  • The number of Team chats
  • The number of Team meetings
  • The number of Team private chats

Quick and Easy Settings

  • Global policy control
  • Team inactivity reminders
  • External user sharing reminders
  • Automatically control inactive or unused teams and users
  • Communication reports

Automated Teams Governance using MessageOps Team Captain

Team Creation Approval Workflow

If your users are not permitted to create a team without approval, there is an optional add-on where we can provide a pre-built workflow to streamline team creation and ensure governance.

  • Users simply submit their team request via Microsoft Forms
  • Our Team Captain flow summarizes and sends the request for approval
  • Once approved, the flow automatically creates the team, applies policies, and assigns the team owner so your users can rapidly get to work in their new team.

The base workflow is fully customizable for your business environment. You can choose who can submit, review, and approve teams. Click here to view the video.

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